Eco-friendly promotional products are those which are designed to be environmental friendly and do not disrupt our planet’s atmosphere when they are produced or disposed of. These products are effectively designed to facilitate reuse and sustain test of time. There are myriad benefits of eco-friendly promotional products as they are budget friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, energy saving, low toxicity or waste just to name a few.

It is ethically conscious choice to make the switch to eco-friendly products as it helps preserving our planets ecological balance given the high rate carbon / greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change. According to recent studies published by EPA, from 1990 to 2014 greenhouse gas emissions were totaled at 6,587 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent. But also reported the 2.3% decrease in numbers from 2014 to 2015 largely driven by the change of fossil to natural gas fuel combustion in electric power sector.

Businesses too can contribute in bringing the greenhouse gas emissions down by saying no to plastic promotional products. Although it is easier said than done our everyday lives can’t seem to function without the use of simple plastic in one form or another. Some of the properties that make it so useful, like its low production cost, light weight and durability, also make it hard to dispose of. We have to take into consideration, Plastic Promotional Products such as pens, bags, binders, folders, bottles, cups, key chains, etc. that are handed out at trade shows, events, seminars, fundraisers, and meetings will eventually leak into our oceans; and stay there for longer period of time polluting our eco system.

With the use of eco-friendly promotional products, we get an opportunity to do right by our ecosystem. To help make switch from plastic to eco lets discuss benefits of eco-friendly promotional products –

  • Responsible choice – Caring more about the environment engages everyone’s creativity and ‘going green’ energizes us to be better purposeful consumers impacting the world in our backyards first. This will help reflect responsible message to your targeted audiences and that is just icing on the cake.
  • Durable and long lasting – Eco-Friendly promotional products are designed and produced using recyclable raw materials so they can facilitate recuse, reduce pollution and out last conventional products.
  • Attention Grabbers – Unlike ordinary promotional products, Eco-Friendly Promotional products are attention grabbers due to their incredible durability and sustainably. With Eco-Friendly Promotional Items your brand name can remain in the public eye for long.
  • High ROI – ROI depends on how frequently the consumers are using your promotional products. Typical promotional products may last anywhere from 1-3 years and therefore they are at disadvantage. Since eco promotional items are built to last, feature durable materials and have quality construction; your investment will pay themselves off in the long run. You can have a peace of mind that they will go straight into recycle bin after they’ve lived their purposeful lives.

Let’s Work Together to Create the Perfect Custom Reusable Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for Your Brand and Conserve Future and Environment In The Process.

If you are looking for a specific Eco-Friendly Promotional Item/Items, which you don’t see in our Eco-Friendly Catalog, you may search our Product Catalog that provides you access to thousands of Eco-Friendly promotional products options within specific categories. Should you require assistance or would like to share more benefits of eco-friendly promotional products, please contact us anytime using either our live chat (available from 9:00am to 5:30pm EST from Monday to Friday); call us on (301) 963-3553 or simply use our contact form to send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

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  1. Arfa Moore 8 months ago

    A lot of wonderful things to consider in this blog post! Great topic! The majority of the people are still not aware of how garbage dumps are influencing the world and also how much carbon impacts are generated with use of plastic bags. You made them hesitate about making use of plastic bags.

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