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10 Reasonable Branding Ideas To Boost Your Next Marketing Event

  • Nov 06, 2019
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10 Reasonable Branding Ideas To Boost Your Next Marketing Event

You either innovate or perish! If you’re doing what every other company is doing, the chances you survive the competition onslaught get feeble.

Whether launching a brand new product or super-charging on-going promotional activities, offering promotional giveaways for every visitor can do the trick for you!

How to Promote Your Brand In Next Corporate Event?

Let everyone recognize your brand name. And that’s possible when you smartly promote it via our fully-customizable promotional branded products to keep at your booth & entice your visitors while displaying your business as a brand.

1 – Brand Oriented Apparel:

Get classy t-shirts with your business logo imprinted on it, so it gives you a more professional look when representing your product to the visitors.

These apparel types usually contain business information like- Business logo (name), contact information (phone, email or website link). Rest, right from design to printing style, everything is customizable.

2 – Customized Drinkware

Give a personal touch to the regular water bottles, flasks, tumblers, mugs, or even cups with a business logo on it.

Customized Drinkware

If not the business logo probably getting them designed in your brand color or design is another interesting idea worth considering.

3 – Bags

When in a corporate event, professionals are supposed to carry laptops, data cables, files, or other necessities. And for all of these, having a classy bag that defines your brand is always a plus point.


So, carrying bags with a company logo on the top will do enough talking for your business itself. The bags can be of any shape or size including tote bags, messenger bags, laptops bags, etc.

4 – Stationary Items

We all use stationery items like- pen, pencil, notepads, sticky notes, etc. Also, it can work as a great business goodies option to offer your visitors.

Stationary Items

All these items can be customized with a logo, brand name, or by using brand colors to leave a lasting impact.

5 – Coasters

Sometimes more than the brand weight, what matters is the marketing innovation infused to represent the brand.


And for this, brand-oriented coasters are a perfect example. Be it any shape or material, getting a brand identity on the top would work perfectly.

6 – Personalized Visiting Cards

A business visiting card is essential for marketing and sales professionals to carry when you’re meeting your prospect clients/visitors.

Personalized Visiting Cards

Be it the card design or quality, everything must be enticing, unique and showcasing your brand potential. And whosoever carries it must keep it to reconnect with your company.

7 – Key Tags

This one can prove to be the coolest and most preferred gift type after magnet mobile wallets. Call it key tags or keychains, both are similar.

Key Tags

These key tags will carry and display your brand logo in such a style that whenever your prospects or visitors may see it, they recall your brand name.

There are multiple sizes, designs, and qualities available in this item.

8 – Charging Cables

One of the most demanded accessories for working and non-working people is charging cables. They can be customized with your brand logo to distribute among the visitors.

Charging Cables

However, make sure to get designed and carry charging cables compatible with popular Android and iOS devices.

9 – Candies Tin

A perfect solution to constant hunger pangs, candies or other quick beverages can be kept at your booth.

Candies Tin

Although the idea may sound quite ordinary, you can always make a brand new one by offering candies in a customizable candy tin.

10 – Magnet Mobile Wallet

If your products or other goodies may fail to entice the visitors, don’t forget to offer uber-cool magnet mobile wallets that automatically fit for widely used handsets.

Magnet Mobile Wallet

Get your logo or at least a business name imprinted on the back to serve the purpose of your event!


So, when are you getting these creative promotional products to exhibit at your next business event? Just in case, you want to get something out of the box or unique, feel free to associate with our creative heads and get the customizable product for your marketing events.

Also, don’t forget to fire the comment section below stating your views on our recommendations or add some more suggestions for the followers. Stay tuned to find out more about such products.