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5 Thoughtful Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Top-Performing Employees

  • Nov 07, 2019
  • 31

5 Thoughtful Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Top-Performing Employees

Thoughtful Corporate Gift Ideas – “Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customers. I think you build one with your employees first.” – Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President, Apple.

CEOs and managers emphasize the importance of fostering a productive work culture within the organization.

But, at the same time, we overlook the most fundamental aspect, which is recognizing the hard work and true dedication of the employees.

Studies Support Employee Recognition

A recent study illustrates a direct relationship between the significance of valuing employees and the company’s bottom line. It discovered highly-engaged teams show higher profitability of 21%.

Like the above, numerous other surveys done in the recent past are adequate to declare workforce as the DNA of any organization, be it a startup or a big enterprise.

In a nutshell, happy and engaged employees are the secret ingredient to the recipe for business success in the 21st neck-throat competitive world.

So, it’s that time of the year when you are probably thinking about recognizing your top-performer employees. However, your mind is not thinking any further than tired & cheap corporate gifts.’


Don’t you worry, here, in this post, we’ve rounded up four unique corporate gift ideas for your staff:-

1 – Golf Course Kit

Just like football for kids, golf is one game that is exclusively for the niche segment of society.

To put weight behind the above statement, founder of tech giants such as Bill Gates, along with eminent personalities like Prince William, love this game of holes.

Even if the receiver isn’t crazy about golfing, but will feel appreciated that his/her boss has given such a royal present.

You don’t have to be golfing freak to decide on the right golf course kit. If your best-performing employee has never played golf, then you can present him/her basic equipment to introduce the employee to the fascinating world of golf.

On the flip side, if the receiver is a hardcore golf player, then you are required to put in the hard yard to choose a thoughtful golf gift in line with their needs & passion.

We at Digitized Logos, stock the biggest selection of personalized golf accessories online. Select from the best range, spanning from gloves, balls, club sets, and so much more.

2 – Wine Never Gets Old

Personalization is integral when you are making efforts to weave a quality relationship with your employees, and that at the same time appreciate them.

A bottle of fine wine, whether it is the premium red wine straight from French winery or white wine of Italy, is always a classic corporate present to thank the top-performing employees for their hard work and utter dedication.

However, picking out the right wine is baffling, especially when you haven’t discussed wine with your employees before.

One of the best ways to obtain this information is to commence the conversation by yourself. Gently, inquire, which is the best wine they have ever tasted in their life or if they’ve been to a wine tasting tour recently.

We, at Digitized Logos, is a premier online wine store, offering the widest selection in personalized wine accessories from around the world.

3 – Wrist Watch

A watch is a special accessory that can be worn for any occasion. So, a stylish and luxurious timepiece is a perfect corporate gift to render a touch of professionalism and sophistication to the daily office look of your best employees.

Moreover, a watch has an uncanny ability to kindle the inner confidence that your employees need to lock great deals with your premium clients.

There are endless options of latest watches in the market, be it the leather strap graceful timepiece or a sporty look watch, do a little research work to find a watch that compliments his/her fashion sense.

Personalize the watches to promote your business brand like never before.

4 – A Fitness Band

In today’s hectic corporate life, gifting your best employees a fitness band is a valuable gadget.

It is a gadget that not only show time and date but also monitors health parameters such as the distance traveled, steps during the day, calories burnt, heart rate to help the wearer better understand his/her physical condition.

Below are four reasons why fitness smart bands are so popular corporate gift nowadays:-

Great Utility for Tracking Fitness

  • Great Utility for Tracking Fitness
  • Create Fitness Awareness and Reduce Stress
  • Cost-Effective with High Perceived Value
  • Team Building and Motivation for Employees


5 – Win Extra Miles

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Do let us know what you think of our smart gifting ideas for star performers of your company in the comments section below: