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5 Thrifty Yet Result-Driven Ways to Promote Your Startup Offline

  • Oct 28, 2019
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5 Thrifty Yet Result-Driven Ways to “Promote Your Startup Offline

Amidst the neck-throat competition everywhere, CEOs and marketing managers are leaving no stone unturned to take their business products/services directly to their prospective customers.

However, the conventional modes of marketing and advertising such as T.V. & radio ads are high-end, specifically for startups with a not-so sizeable marketing budget.

But don’t you worry, as even in today’s digitized society, there are numerous cost-efficient techniques to build up brand awareness.

To put weight behind the above statement, we’ve put together a list of seven rock-bottom ways to promote a business, with the prospect of strengthening your brand engagement, leads, sales, and eventually, the revenue number.

These below-listed methods won’t leverage digital marketers to put-in money non-stop, instead, they are a one-time investment.

1. Impressive Business Card

If you are searching for offline forms of marketing products/services, then those often discarded business cards have an elementary role to play.

Don’t limit these cards to handing it over to clients only when you meet them first; remember to leave a few business cards everywhere you officially visit.

To effectively utilize the marketing potentials of business cards, you mustn’t feel timid to distribute it anywhere, even at a local cafeteria near your business space.

Go that extra mile by pinning the business cards on public notice boards around.

2. Branded Merchandise

Corporate merchandise that your customers and prospects receive is tested to be an effective tool with the ingenuity to deliver measurable results.

To make these merchandise even more potent, you must include the official business website URL, contact details, and the company’s physical address.

Try designing the merchandise in a way that promotes your products/services, but at the same time, don’t appeal cheap like any desperate form of marketing.

The prominent business merchandise includes key rings, USB sticks, magnets, stickers, along with branded promotional products such as t-shirts.

We, at Digitized Logo, is home to a vast selection of branded merchandise & promotional products for business promotion in trade shows, corporate events, and so much more.

Visit our online store to discover innovative yet cost-friendly promotional products like pens, keyrings, mugs, notebooks, etc.

3. Local Sponsorship Still Matters

Sponsoring a local social community cause or a sports event can substantially raise the brand value.

Not only local sponsoring events contribute to brand recognition but they foster trust among potential customers.

So, don’t miss out on any opportunity to donate or any kind of charity work in the locality. This way, you can gain familiarity with the locals and illustrates your company’s commitment to the local community.

In addition, your business will enjoy the publicity of community events via their social channels, media releases, or newspapers.

4. Word-of-Mouth Campaign

The long-term survival of any business mainly revolves around the word-of-mouth marketing customers do.

One way to create brand awareness is to increase engaging conversations with friends, relatives, and people from the business community to ensure they know your brand and this further strengthens marketing.

Also, make your employees understand the importance of building healthy relations with clients via excellent customer support.

With the competition getting fiercer than ever, customer support service should be a top-priority as satisfied customers will spread the word about your business everywhere.

5. Establish Local Presence

Apart from sponsoring local events, try partnering businesses in nearby areas to develop your brand’s existence. With that, ensure that your business is listed in popularly searched business directories as well.

Also, devote time and organizational resources for media releases about your products/services on a periodic basis along with drumming brand publicity through local newspapers & magazines.

Final Thoughts

These traditional offline methods go hand-in-hand with up-to-date digital marketing and advertising techniques- so don’t forget to include your business details on everything!