7 Tips for Promotional Success at Auto Shows

7 Tips for Promotional Success at Auto Shows Leave a comment

7 Tips for Promotional Success at Auto Shows: Automotive brands are progressing over time. These brands spent 38$ billion on advertising in 2018, and this limit is expected to be broken in the next few years. It seems that every article about auto shows and dealership marketing tips have the same boring tilts. Social media and email marketing are excellent and practical strategies, but there’s nothing new and unique. Every person in the field has gotten sick with these repeatedly used ideas. So, here we have listed seven brilliant tips for promotional success at auto shows. Not every dealership can achieve the goals, but any dealership can be encouraged by them.

1. Pull them in: launch a fantastic branded display – Your booth display is mostly the very first possibility to make an impressive image beside your visitors. So it should be so attractive that it could frame your brand precisely and with full visual appeal. Even if you are searching for something understated, for instance, a custom table throw, you must create a display that would look amazing. If you have a little area, you can use customized marketing kiosks which permit people to build an interactive experience.

2. Keep them occupied:  share ideas for your next events – When your phenomenal display work as expected and draws the audience to your booth, then the next step is engaging them. You can focus on making your booth a fun place for everybody. You can engage a big crowd of people by making them laugh, and that can be done with a few grown-ups in business dress up frantically mongering kiddie cars. You can also grab black and yellow duct tape and form a “race course” on the auto show floor. Trace the course with some hurdles and fun ads for your event and brand.

3. Incorporate games – 80% of trade show visitors travel more than 350 miles to attend an event. It’s not surprising that auto brands are forming a memorable experience that makes these travels worthwhile. You can incorporate interactive games to make your auto show enjoyable and fun. In 2013 Pirelli brand surprised guests with an array of driving simulators that rebuilt the famous formula one race track. Any auto brand can replicate the strategy even in a small budget. This engagement genuinely results in more sales and profit.

4. Employ big screens to achieve impressive results – Auto brands employ big LED screens at their shows to grab the attention of visitors and to advertise their brand. LED strip screens catch attendees’ attention and tempt them to link with the brand world. These LED screens can be used to monitor advertising campaigns. Brands can chase key performance indicants, number of attendees, number of visitors to the booth and this data can be used to shape marketing campaigns and strategies in the future.

5. Make them happy while leaving your auto show – When you have taken an impressive start on the booth and crowd-pleasing interactive activities, go for show swag. Everybody who attends an auto show is really into cars and car stuff. So anything presented to them for their car can be a big bonus for them. You can offer several auto-themed customized products as giveaways like magnetic light bar, auto vent freshener or ice scraper with a glove to please your visitors.

6. Make it a once-in-a-lifetime-experience – Unique experience by the attendees often lead to big sales and raised brand awareness. Creative and innovative ideas can be used in an auto show. Like a test drive can be offered by thinking out of the box.

7. Make attractive offers for your show visitors – One more strategy that can be very effective for your auto show is; offer your visitors something beneficial and free. You can offer free gas on purchasing a car, or you can offer car seat safety clinic free of cost. This way you can showcase your promotional products, and you can showcase a family friendly car to your customer.

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