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A Client Gifts Guide for This Christmas

  • Nov 10, 2019
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A Client Gifts Guide for This Christmas

It is invariably a great value for money to show your loyal customers the company’s genuine gratitude by offering them an impressive Christmas gift.

Although gift-giving seems counter-intuitive, it pays off, in the long run, to appreciate your business’s premier clients, especially for product-based companies.

Here we are, a month or two away from the liveliest shopping days of the year, and the most puzzling times for business CEOs as they have to overwhelm their top customers with customized gifts, rather than the traditional, vague gift ideas.

So, now your mind is bewildered, wondering what to give your clients as a “thank you” present to acknowledge their long-term contact with the organization.

Right? Yeah!

We’re here for you, enlisting the fundamental tips to choose an apt gift while staying within the budget and company’s reputation intact.

1 – Make it Personal

This above headline sounds evident, but still, the majority of people underestimate the magnitude a personal touch has when it comes to Christmas for clients.

Even your genuine intentions to weave long-term relations with the clients can backfire if you haven’t paid close attention to the gift you are presenting them this holiday season.

Do you want even a costly gift to land into the trash bin, as it was too generic or impersonal?

Joel Coleman, a leading business speaker, once rightly said, “If you are giving a meaningless gift, then you better have your logo on it. That way, whoever pulls it from the garbage will know who it was from.”

Also, don’t wish your present scream desperate or gauche, sent by any other cheap sales company. So, ensure the gift is personal. For that, it requires you to put-in a thought process.

If your client is a true beer freak, then a 16 Oz. Craft beer glass with the company’s logo printed on it can prove to be a memorable “thank you” present.

2 – Put On Show Company’s Creative Mindset

If you have a client who is an avid golfer, then sending a dozen of golf balls shows the human connection to the client. As they’ll keep the golf balls with them- and won’t lose or pass on to someone in their friend circle.

As said above, you need to devote time and human resources to understand your client and, based on that, decide on a worthwhile gift that is valuable in their life or a part of their day-to-day chores.

3 – Don’t be Cheap

Yes, you can cut-short your client list to whom you’ll be gifting this holiday season, but don’t compromise on the gifts in the quest to be within your budget.

If you believe everything in your business is “first-class,” why be the low-bidder when it comes to gifting your best clients this Christmas. In that case, gifting nothing is far better than sending about anything cheap.

Having said that, you need to blow your marketing budget. Remember this, personal touches are indispensable in building a lasting impression.

4 – Gifts Aren’t Bribe

As a matter of truth, not every client will merit a Christmas present. Never see the gift as a bribe to bring sales, so keep aside your cheap sales tactics when deciding on client gifts.

However, for the right relationship, a genuine thought can help you stand out whether you are their present vendor or hopeful of earning their business.

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Now, It’s Your Turn

We would love to hear from you, share your personalized views in the comment section of this blog post.

Have you received a promotional gift that made you feel appreciated, what and why is so special?