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April Showers Are No Match For Branded Umbrellas

  • Apr 10, 2019
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April Showers Are No Match For Branded Umbrellas

People treat promotional items just as drunken uncles at dinner nobody wants to invite, but everybody feels happy with. For marketers and promotional industries, we do understand the adage because of April shower, important and best reason to market their custom umbrellas. Umbrellas are a vital element of a promotional merchandise collection with a broad range of choices available. Though, an inexpensive umbrella which falls apart causes more loss than good. So, it is worth offering an idea about how an umbrella can promote your brand and how it can fit in. Digitized Logos provide a wide range of umbrellas from off-the-shelf designs to bespoke designs with a quick turnaround. Additionally, the umbrellas we provide are high-quality, and they won’t fall apart.

As it is springtime and before you see the flowers showering or storm clouds, we can make you see silver linings and give you a cause to go for accessory shopping. Tiptoeing through the flowers can feel good, you can’t beat the fun you can have in puddle-jumping with appropriate gear.  During April showers brands start offering free umbrellas with women’s wear, lingerie or beauty accessories. This approach is refreshingly different and smart. Promotional umbrellas are functional and timely, and something shoppers can admire to flack a brand. Custom umbrellas can also be presented as business gifts at this time of the year. Pop open these matchless styles to get brand awareness while April showers are rolling in.

The first and foremost thing that must be done is; what kind of umbrella you need. If you require a custom golf umbrella, do you want it to be vented? This will aid in preventing damage in the first breeze.  You can select one for your business from the following options;

Compact and folding umbrellas – Your business can be the best to serve when thunder rumbles. These promotional folding umbrellas can be conveniently sized, and they are ideal for tucking in a backpack or a purse. They are proffered in various materials, colors and sizes to frame a bold statement.

Non-folding umbrellas – Options bristle with stick promotional umbrellas. You can market with styles which are vented or windproof or style that boasts a light-up shaft or an automatic open.

Patio umbrellas – These are jumbo-sized umbrellas and just best for patio dining at restaurants and bars. They are ideal marketing items that can be used at sporting events, beaches, community events, and street fairs. No matter it is rain or shine, personalized umbrellas get your brand name seen. Even in a big crowd of people, nobody will miss the enormous logo on a promo umbrella. If you have been searching for a delicate and useful custom gift for springtime, give it a twirl!

Bottom Line – Promotional umbrellas can be used to enhance your brand awareness or merchandise exposure. Their beautiful colors, excellent material, and their long-lasting quality make them a perfect gift to be offered in the days of singing in the rain, walking alone or enjoying puddle-jumping.