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Benefits of USA Made Promotional Products

On the 18th of April 2017, Trump signed ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order which invariably enunciated the importance of purchasing the USA made promotional items. As a progressive organization, it is pertinent to understand that in using promotional items as a medium of increasing brand recognition and advertising business services, USA made promotional products is ideal for quite a number reasons.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute surveys of 2016; 53 percent of American consumers have a more favorable opinion of an adviser if the promotional products given was made in the USA. Hence, as a business whose motive of indulging in promotional items disbursement is to build a brand, it is advisable that your clients and prospective customers see your brand as a business that’s is patriotic. Not just patriotism, but also contributing its quota to the creation of more Jobs in America. It will endear your business to the populace.

Do you know that in 2011, a bridge being built in San Francisco was outsourced to China to save over $400 million?

This act entails that the nation’s economy witnessed an outflow of over $600 million, which would have been injected into the US economy, thus providing more Jobs, a better health care for the American citizens and a larger perspective and improved standards of living for the average Americans. Purchasing made in USA promotional products assures you that your business promotional dollar spent are recycling through the American economy and the knowledge that the promotional items are produced by labor standards conditions, American social values, and made under stringent safety regulations in the work place which cannot be said of these Far East countries that most of these promotional products are shipped from into the states.

The importance of purchasing the USA made promotional products cannot be overemphasized, as you might not even know; you are indirectly saving someone’s job. As research has shown that for each manufacturing job trusted to an American, it creates a job for an additional 5 to 8 other Americans. This helps to redistribute wealth across the United States. But it seems Americans are not learning; because the much talked about previous recessions of the American economy can be attributed to the overly outsourcing of manufacturing works, and the moving out of most behemoth USA companies to China in search of cheaper labor. Deducing from the Goldman Sachs of reports of April 18th, 2017 on what it would take to bring more manufacturing back to the states, Lindsay Drucker Man, an apparel analyst proclaimed that it would take a capital investment of about $50 billion and about 500,000 labors in the USA.

General Benefits of USA made promotional products

  • Standards: Promotional items that are the USA made are synonymous with standards and quality, as it is made under USA labor conditions. Therefore, when you buy made in US promotional items, you are only buying quality and standards. This cannot be said of the Far East manufactured promotional items; where standards are comprised and labors laws are not adhered to; if any does exist. Workers there are underpaid, and the working environment is unsafe.
  • More Jobs: When you buy promotional products that are the USA made, you are indirectly creating more Jobs for Americans, and helping in reducing the gamut of unemployment, as more labors are sorts from the USA, more USA citizens are engaged to work.
  • Conducive and safe working conditions: For every manufacturing work carried out in the states, workers are protected by labor laws, which provide that the working environment must be safe, proper health insurance policies. The United States Department of Labor is charged with this onus.
  • Improves economy: Do you know that America has a trade deficit of $502 billion due to gamut purchases of foreign products and also about $ 123 billion is spent on importing apparels and footwears? If this money is circulated in buying made in America products, it will help to drive and grow the economy more efficiently.

Deducing from consumer reports, about 8 in 10 Americans purchases a product because it is American labeled, and about 60 percent are willing to pay 10 percent more on American made products. But due to the bastardization and the cacophony associated in comprehending what makes an item American, a lot of fake products are in the American markets but are not of American making. Therefore, it is pertinent to engage an institution that understands what the American brand entails, to be able to ascertain that, whatever reasons you have in purchasing promotional items made in America is directed towards that purpose.

Reasons, why companies should purchase the USA made promotional products

Promotional items are used by companies for some reasons; either as a marketing technique to increase brand awareness, as a tool to improve sales and as an incentive to employees. But for whatever purpose, promotional items are used directly or indirectly to advertise a business products or services. The origin or place of manufacturing of such products is essential as well as the purpose of the promotional item and here are some reasons why your company should engage in the USA made promotional products:

  • Patriotism: It is no more news of the benefits associated with purchasing the USA made goods. According to perception research services, about 76 percent of shoppers would be more likely to buy a product because of the made in America. So as a dynamic business whose primary market is the USA consumers, it will be common sense to buy promotional items made in America, because clients would very much appreciate it. Hence, your business would be regarded as a patriotic organization thus endearing you to more American consumers who would seek to patronize your business more. This will improve your sale and brand recognition.
  • Advertising logistics: Imagine a scenario, where you budgeted about a 100 apparels to be distributed on labor day, to increase clients base. And it so happened that you got ran out of stock to distribute, and your apparels were sorted from China, it will hamper your initial aim because it takes longer time for new orders to arrive, which is the antithesis of using the USA made promotional items.
  • Environmental degradation: Journal Report of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that the USA has succeeded in outsourcing its environmental emissions to China. These findings have managed to indict the USA. But as a company that regularly purchase more promotional items made in America can help to stop the proliferation of outsourcing jobs to China, where the environmental laws are not of the same level with that of the US. Therefore, in your little way, you have to play your part in a green revolution.
  • Fundamental Human Rights: According to Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, most of these workers who produce these promotional items manufactured outside the US are made to face a compulsory overtime working environment unhygienic and are mandated to work 12 to 13 hours a day, by purchasing promotional items made in the US. This cruel practices can be curbed because an avalanche of these products is usually shipped down here for the US to consume.

Federal Trade Commission said it receives several complaints every month over potentially false made in USA claims. So, it is pertinent to know what to look out for so that you would not be purchasing a China made ware and invariably hoping that you have contributed to the creation of a job in the USA.

The Federal Trade Commission has proclaimed that for an item to be regarded as made in the US, virtually all the product have been made in the US; which comprises of labor and materials. But this law is still very much conflicting for most USA citizens to grasp its full content.

A simple guideline to ascertain if truly a promotional product is US made

  • Look for country of origin: It is advisable to always watch out for the country of apparels to determine if it was genuinely made in the USA. But you have to be a little more prudent to find out, where the country of origin is usually written, it is not glaring.
  • There is a difference: An American made promotional items can either be done in the US, Canada, and Mexico, so you have to know the difference when choosing promotional products.
  • Ascribed phrases: This part is a bit technical, so you have to look out for it; an item that is made in China and assembled in the US is not the US made.
  • Shop right: When purchasing USA Made promotional products, buy with proven promotional products servicing company that are known for promoting made US promotional items.

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