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Best Custom Water Bottles for promotions

  • Feb 06, 2019
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Best Custom Water Bottles for promotions

Feel hydrated with personalized water bottles having your custom design. You’ll discover plastic, aluminum and stainless steel options; all are good for long days at job and hiking tips. We all must drink minimum eight glasses of water a day as recommended by doctors. However, being hydrated and healthy must not be a tedious task. So you can try promotional water bottles from Digitized Logos. Quench your thirst for more significant sales and brand awareness with our custom water bottles, and every time your clients and employees will think of your company while taking a gulp.

What do we offer?

We offer copper vacuum-insulated bottles, etched glass bottles, therma pop bottles, slim fit water sports bottles, Fusion glass water bottles, splash 18 oz insulated bottles and flexi-bottles from reckoned brands in different shades of a color. If you prefer a custom-made water bottle to have a flip-lid, straw or a hand strap, we’re here to serve you with a product possessing high quality and just according to the demand. Anyhow, if you are not looking for a water bottle at all, and want to distribute canteens and squeezable pouches, we also provide those. Moreover, what about a promotional water pouch in shapes like a nurse or a doctor or a soccer ball with your logo imprinted on it? We also offer those. Offer your employees and customers custom printed water bottles and they’ll always be holding your brand name or company name in their hands and also on their minds as whenever they run, walk, in a gym, sitting by a pool or on the beach needs to stay hydrated they will be seeing your brand name with every sip.

Custom water bottles are perfect to offer as giveaways

You’ve been visited a trade show, and you can understand how exhausting it can be to slog through the convention center halls.  After passing multiple booths with throw-away and dinky giveaways, attendees will be grateful to you for providing then custom etched custom water bottles that aid them to keep on hydrated and happy. Custom logo water bottles are perfect items for fundraisers, sports team sponsorships, parties, corporate health challenges and charity events. Custom printed water bottles are convenient to use, easy to carry and top of all they are something which people use repeatedly. Digitized Logos delivers a high-quality selection of promotional water bottles with timely delivery and low prices.

Reusable water bottles in the past were formed by glass, clay or stoneware and aluminum, plastic and stainless steel water bottles were introduced around 1947. These water bottles can be easily cleaned by scrubbing the inside with soap or other household tools, and it can be used for a week. We offer durable water bottles featuring captivating elements like an insulated vacuum, built-in saw or infuser. We add your logo or company name to the water bottle by engraving, screen printing, and wrap imprinting or full-color transfer. A good design guarantees that your giveaways are far better from everybody else’s at a trade show or some promotional occasion.

Stay healthy and hydrated on the go with our custom water bottles for promotion and hand them out to all the attendees with your message.