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Best Employee Recognition Gifts

  • Dec 07, 2017
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Best Employee Recognition Gifts

Inherent in the human nature is the need to feel appreciated. This is very normal as everyone loves to be noticed now and then for doing something outstanding. While compliments may feel superfluous and could be a bit awkward, everyone loves to have their efforts recognized and sometimes rewarded. Companies that take out the time to recognize the efforts of their employees ensure that their employees love their jobs; after all, if you enjoy what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life. Failing to recognize their effort and achievements could turn out to be detrimental to the business as the business stands the risk of losing them. Quoting Bob Nelson, “People may take a job for more money, but they will leave it for more recognition.” Recognizing employees for reasons such as Punctuality, meeting or surpassing a goal, solving a problem, managing time wisely, providing a creative idea, consistently delivering quality work or even for no reason at all should be a common practice in every work environment. This could increase productivity in the workplace, reduce tension and negativity while boosting engagement.

Why should you recognize your employees?

  • It helps to motivate the whole team: Setting out time to acknowledge a few outstanding employees for their excellence helps to set the bar for other employees to show them what is really expected of them. It also serves to encourage those who are not recognized to step up their game to get noticed by working hard to finish up tasks before deadlines.
  • It improves productivity: employee recognition programs utilize time and money which could have been channeled to other things; however, it always turns out to be a fruitful investment. Recognizing employees who seize opportunities to be outstanding as they present themselves, who are capable of making tough, smart decisions and can remain calm under pressure will always motivate the whole team to perform their duties excellently as they give their best so that they can be recognized or rewarded in turn thus increasing productivity. Once an employee is rewarded for a positive behavior, this required behavior would be repeated by employees. When these employees feel appreciated, they feel a sense of pride and importance and are sure to give their best to the business.
  • It helps to create a positive or conducive workplace: Happy employees will always create a happy working environment. Apart from prompt payment of wages and salaries, recognizing and appreciating the efforts of employees now and then is one of the best ways of turning a depressing work atmosphere to a joyful one. Recognizing the efforts of your employees keeps them happy thus creating a positive atmosphere in your workplace.
  • It builds and strengthens the relationship between the employee and the employer: Appreciating and recognizing your employees for their achievements in the company helps foster long-lasting positive relationships between you and them. Establishing this relationship is essential to creating a healthy workplace where everyone feels comfortable.
  • It helps to identify future leaders: creating a recognition scheme is not only beneficial to the employee but also to the employer as it becomes easier to pick out employees that would suit and fit into future leadership positions in the company.
  • It helps retain your best employees: employees who feel unappreciated and unrecognized are easy targets for other companies who they feel would recognize and appreciate their efforts. Spotting out and recognizing these employees helps keep them loyal to the company and ensure that their 100% attention is with you.

How do you retain and recognize your employees?

The answer is simple! By showering them with employee recognition gifts. Employee Recognition day shouldn’t be the only day to recognize useful inputs of employees and reward their efforts. Recognizing hard-working employees as much as possible is a good way to foster employee job satisfaction and retention for your business. Giving gifts to recognize meaningful effort put in by employees go a long way to show that the employer or business appreciates them level the employees happy and motivated to stay productive. Recognition should be done timely when employees have been found to distinguish themselves by demonstrating excellence in their work. With the number of competing businesses on the rise every day, there is continuous competition to attract the best employees. Any business failing at recognizing and appreciating the efforts of its best employees would have them to blame for losing them.

Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect give to award outstanding employees could prove to be quite tedium if one lacks the required acumen for picking out such things. This is why DigitizedLogos.com has you covered with loads of different great corporate recognition gift items to pick from. Opportunities to give employees award of recognition could come in forms of:

  • An employee of the month award
  • A celebration of solving a big problem at the business
  • An award for achieving set goals within speculated time
  • A token of thanks for bringing in a great client to the company

Gifts can also be given as gestures such as gifts to an employee going through a tough time. Or birthday gifts and the likes. These recognition gift items could include things that the employee would use a lot such as pens, keychains, mugs, highlighters, duffle bags and the likes. Gifts to inspire or motivate them while they work such as customized vases or desk clocks. All of these are available at DigitizedLogos.com. Depending on the needs of your inexpensive organization gifts are suitable for regular employees. These gifts could bear inscriptions with “Thank you for your effort,” “great job!” For managers and top executives, more expensive gifts could be given to show their level of importance. So what are you waiting for, shop with digitized logos with all the great stuff that is on offer? Remember that giving employees recognition gifts is just as rewarding for you as it is for them. Get the gifts your employees will be grateful for and find useful from our catalog.