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Corporate Gifts – Dos and Don’t: Finding a perfect gift for your co-worker, teammate or boss can be challenging at times. How can you show your good intention without giving the feeling that you want to curry favor? And what should be the amount you can easily spend without being cheap or going beyond your budget? When it’s about corporate gift-giving, reaching the ideal balance is critical. After all, there is a vast difference between personal gifts and corporate gifts. And an untimely gesture could result in an embarrassing experience. Before starting to apply the ideas to you have in your mind, please go through the do’s and don’ts about corporate gifting to avoid an awkward situation.

1. Do determine about the gifting policies of the company – If you want to present a gift to your existing or loyal customer, check out first the gifting policy of their company. Multi-national companies, auditing firms, and banks have stern rules regarding corporate gifting. For instance;

• Companies don’t permit to accept a gift without the presence of a witness.
• The worth of the gift must not surpass a particular amount and must be imprinted with the logo or slogan of the company.
• Government department employees or agency employees are mostly disallowed from taking gifts.

Ask your client about the gifting policy in a friendly tone. If they don’t have a gifting policy, then your client will know at least that you were thinking about that. They might recommend the ways by which you can show your gratitude or appreciation.

2. Do customize your gift – Try to add a personal touch to your gift. It can be a handwritten card, a note or anything that can show your concern and that you have put time into making it. An email or a text are also perfect ways to convey a message but a handwritten note can be exceptional and can showcase something tangible for the recipient to refer back to.

3. Do send a gift on the completion of a successful project – Gifts are always welcomed whenever a project is completed successfully. Everybody enjoys celebrating their success and accomplishment. It is suitable to present a gift to your client with a note saying “Thank you for your business.” Corporate gifts are just a phenomenal way to accredit employees and say “Thank you for your devotion and hard work.” It nurtures loyalty.

4. Don’t offer a gift during the bidding – Whether the gifting policy of your client is broad and bounteous, presenting a gift when you are in the process of tenderizing for business can be mistaken as a bribe. It can be seen as a wrong gesture as it can make the recipient to feel slanted and socially obliged towards you.

5. Don’t go for a meeting with intimate or lavish gifts – Your heart and intentions will be right but carrying a gift that is lavish or too personal can make your recipient uneasy. Don’t give outlandish gifts like dress or jewelry. Try to cling to chocolates, sweets, dry fruit baskets, wine, coffee or other accessories if you are confused.

6. Don’t suppose how to spell your client’s name – Spelling somebody’s name incorrectly can be irritating, but it is still excusable. Writing their name wrong on a gift is a definite no. Rather than having fuzzy or warm feelings your recipient will feel annoyed or think you don’t think it is important. So you must know how they write their names or if they use any accent marks like André.

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