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Corporate Giveaways vs Pay per Click

  • May 09, 2017
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Corporate Giveaways vs Pay per Click

Did the title just confuse you? Well, both these terms are connected to the marketing world, right? So, what makes them different if both are used for marketing a brand? And for those who do not comprehend the term Corporate Giveaways, it is slightly similar to the promotional items which would be explained in details below.

What about the Pay Per Click term? Well, have you seen those Ads that pop up at the top when you search for something on Google? Those Ads that you would rather believe since you know they are paying to be on the top. Well, they are called the Pay Per Click. Now, moving deeper into the facts.

What is Corporate Giveaways?

It is already clear that the promotional gifts are used for advertising a company’s brand and sending its corporate message around the audience. But how is the corporate giveaways a marketing item? Well, unlike the promotional products, the corporate giveaways are high in value as in, expensive items.

Moreover, the promotional product is given to people in general, while the corporate giveaway is for the long-term clients. They are more like an appreciation for the business towards the employees or the clients. They are gifts that are much more expensive as compared to the promotional products. The items can be customized pens, briefcases, etc. They mostly hold the company’s brand name on it, but not all of them do. Now that this is clear, let us move to what the Pay Per Click is.

What is Pay Per Click?

The Pay Per Click is also called PPC, or the Cost Per Click. It is a method of marketing online, where the company pays a fee every time their Ads get clicked. In simpler words, it is a method to get people to visit your website, rather than getting them in an organic way. This form of digital advertising is one of the most common forms on the Internet. It permits that company to bid for the placement of the Ad in the sponsored links of the search engine when a person searches for a keyword that is related to the company’s business.

Moreover, there is a lot that goes for making the right PPC Ads Campaign. It needs the right keywords, with well-organized groups. You eventually earn 100 times more than you pay for the PPC ads.

Now, as you have seen that both are very different in their terms. But what makes them similar is their idea of advertising a brand, the company’s brand, which is more of the basic idea of every business to move.

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