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Promotional Giveaways for Marketing

  • Nov 19, 2017
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Promotional Giveaways for Marketing

In the thought pathways of Gary Chapman, the acclaimed international relationship expert, gifting can be a powerful tool in engrafting ideas and loyalty on people of all races, irrespective of races or cultural divide, that of your to-be clients inclusive. Than just business branding,  promotional giveaway strategy has proven over the years as not only adequately effective in winning the next client for your business; it has also proven effective in securing returning customers who remember your brand every time the talk of a product or service you render comes into play.

It is not untrue that the timelessness of sales representative, commercial jingles, flyers and internet advertisement is as potent as ever and even on the increase with relevance, promotional merchandise for marketing, however, offers a cheap yet effective marketing style capable of putting your products and services in the limelight of public domain.

What Items should I use for promotional marketing?

Often than less, this question could, even with it seeming simplicity pose a great difficulty to most business owners. For one, the cost is incurred in purchasing gift items for promotional merchandise. The marketing plan must include a promotional strategy which carefully selects giveaway items that market your product, service or brand effectively, as well as operate within a burden-free budget for which you don’t have to break a bank to finance.

Here are a few promotional giveaways items most companies find effective for their brand marketing:


Stationery has not only been found to be effective for promotional marketing, but they are also a very cheap set of items suitable for your business marketing. Notepads, erasers, pencils, rulers, and pens are items in use daily by people in every facet of life. A gift customized ball pens, erasers or rulers can help publicize your brand in corporate offices as well as in schools.

Bags, receptacles, and purses

Carriage requires some degree of ease, especially among women. But that’s not the highlight of your branding. With well-branded bags, purses, wallets, and receptacles, your brand travels popularity distance at almost no cost. More people get attracted to your business and add your brand name to their subconscious without even knowing it.

Items of Business

What another way to promote your brand and services than giving out custom items that are used in business places? Business people, research shows purchase more through peer influence than through any other marketing means. You can giveaway customized business cardholders, food flasks; mini-clock, colorful frames, and much more when working-class persons purchase your products or services. Just ensure you have your brand logo imprinted on this items by expert design accompanies a productivity marketing campaign. Digitized Logos is the leading customizing firm for your most effective giveaway promotional merchandise.

Desk and Wall Accessories

Branded calendars are great. They remind families of your company and product each time they try to scale time, which, as you would agree, is very often. Making customized calendars, 3-D wall portraits, season’s card (Halloween, Christmas, and Black Friday) are productive marketing strategies. Desk accessories for everyday use such as cups, mugs, and spoons can also help pivot your marketing campaign.


Although branded clothes and wears can be on the high side for small businesses during promotional merchandise, they are one of the most effective items to promote your businesses. Your products or services get announced by merely being worn around. A well-strategized branding on clothes will require an intuitive and experienced team of graphics experts to create designs that employ less of words and more of creativity in conveying the right message about your brand. Digitized Logos ranks highest on the list of leading professionals that can make successful your giveaway marketing campaign.


Unlike Clothing that could sometimes attract huge financing, big and small businesses are continually keying into the powerful marketing strength of a cheaper clothing accessory. Aside from the cheapness of wristbands, most people never get to pull them off even when they are going to bed. And by body movement biological analytics, the hands and legs are two of the most mobile parts of the body. Have people flick your brand every time they move their hands, shake hands, walk or pass an item. One thing is worth noting, however, unlike clothes and other giveaway accessories with the broader surface area, wristbands are deficient in the interface. The expertise of a creative logo firm such as Digitized Logos will be more than helpful to brand your company.

When is it most appropriate to distribute promotional giveaways?

There’s absolutely no specific time for promotional giveaways. Taking notes of your products and services, the functions they provide is utmost in determining when the best time for distribution is. Promotional giveaways for the sales of the umbrella would seem right in a few weeks to winter, for example; winter is probably not the best time for distributing items promoting air conditioner or refrigerator companies. Also, your primary aim of promotional marketing is to register your project in the minds of the consumer so they could initiate patronage, anything short of this is unproductive to your business success.

You may choose to distribute giveaway items by sending them specifically to your intended customers. This sends a special message that you value customer relationships. Other occasions where you can distribute your giveaway items include at the public outing, trade show or any other suitable event. Gift arouses interest from passers-by, they want to know what’s going on; these occasions provide the best platform to market your brand through your customized giveaways.

Overseeing an Effective Giveaway marketing

Truth be told, not all product merchandise successfully push your product into the mainstream. The strategies and more importantly design of your giveaway items are necessary for your product’s success. While marketing items can be purchased by anyone anywhere, yourself inclusive, designs you must ensure is overseen by creative minds who pride expertise in creating brand logos and promotional designs capable of skyrocketing your products and services into the mainstream. Digitized Logos is a company of superior minds who have helped small and large businesses across the globe create a powerful promotional giveaway campaign. A call through to them today may be all you need to have your product known all over.

Giveaway promotional marketing can often be daunting you will agree, but with a firm of Digitized Logos standard, your marketing campaign is sure to standout among that of your competitors.

Should you require additional assistance in finding the right custom promotional giveaways for your marketing campaign, please contact us using either our live chat (available from 9:00am to 5:30pm EST from Monday to Friday); call us on (301) 963-3553 or simply use our contact form to send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.