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Cut Through Clutter

  • Mar 30, 2017
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Marketing messages are so prevalent that they are no longer relevant. Today, consumers are being peppered with marketing calls, messages, and mails every day. Most consumers suffer from information overload. Regardless of the industry it is becoming harder and harder to break through the wall and reach out to customers and prospects. When the ads come on, all consumer hears is white noise.

Many marketing strategist are fascinated by idea of how do companies manage to cut through the clutter and maximize marketing dollars? Sixty-seven percent of consumer goods sales are now influenced by word-of-mouth. And, when we speak about word-of-mouth, don’t forget that cell phones and other technical devices are word-of-mouth machines! How do we create buzz that spreads? Certainly, not with mass media advertising that consumers tune out, but instead, with useful and meaningful promotional products.

These products are presented to consumers as a “thank you” for being a customer or as an “enticement” to prospects who may want our services. Of course, the key to choosing appropriate promotional products are the words “useful and meaningful”. A fine example is a Garland writing instrument. These high-quality, reasonably priced pens are “Made in America” and come with a lifetime guarantee. The quality is such that these pens become heirlooms and are passed on for generations proudly displaying your client’s name and logo.

If you would like more information on affordably and effectively promoting your business with word-of- mouth advertising, please call us at (301) 963-3553 or alternatively can be reached at info@DigitizedLogos.com. We at Digitized Logos will help you choose a promotional product that reflects your client’s brand and excites their customers and prospects.