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Easiest Ways To Earn American Airlines AAdvantage Miles in 2020

  • Feb 20, 2020
  • 54

Easiest Ways To Earn American Airlines AAdvantage Miles in 2020

Want to save money on premium cabin airfares? Well, American Airlines AAdvantage miles is the solution. As it is one of the smart ways to buy miles during special promotions, then to redeem them for flights worth more than what you’ve paid for the miles.

You can easily earn bonus miles when you buy AAdvantage miles for premium award travel. American Airlines runs a regular promotion. The partner airlines with American airlines include Qantas, Figi Airways and Etihad airways.

Ways to Buy AAdvantage Miles

According to the latest update made by American Airlines, the following changes have been made:
  • The minimum purchase amount is still 2,000 miles has been reduced to USD79.98 (including taxes).
  • There is no longer a fixed price for miles. Additionally, if you buy more miles, the price per thousand gets lower.
  • The processing charge that was USD 35 per transaction does not exist anymore.
Talking about the annual purchase limit, it is 1,50,000 AAdvantage miles per the calendar year(excluding bonus miles). Furthermore, it currently costs USD 5,036.38 to buy 1,50,000 AAdvantage miles.
Eligibility – To buy miles, you must be eligible for the program. For this, you must have been a member of American Airlines’ frequent flyer program for at least 60 days. If you are not a member and want to join, enroll it now and can take advantage of future promotions.

Know More About AAdvantage Miles

With the regular offers by American Airlines, there are a few special deals that attract more customers. The current American Airlines promotion offers a 10% discount and up to 55% bonus miles. But this is valid for a limited time period only. It’s is going to expire on 16 February 2020. Don’t lose heart, there are more offers for you listed below:
  • Buy 15,000 to 69,000 AAdvantage miles and receive a 10% discount + 30% bonus miles
  • Buy 70,000 to 149,000 AAdvantage miles and receive a 10% discount + 50% bonus miles
  • Buy maximum 150,000 AAdvantage miles and receive a 10% discount + 55% bonus miles.
In the event that you should purchase the maximum amount of miles in this promotion, you’d get 232,500 AAdvantage miles (such as 82,500 bonus kilometers ) to get a price of USD4,315.05.
For more information, see the American Airlines website on the latest promotion.

How to Redeem AAdvantage Miles

After knowing about the offers and procedure to become a member and buy air miles, a question arises – how to redeem AAdvantage Miles.
To fly in any Oneworld Airlines, you can redeem AAdvantage miles subjected to award availability. That includes Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Finnair and Qatar Airways. Furthermore, American Airlines partners also include Fiji Airways, Hawaiian Airways, Etihad Airways, China Southern, and Alaska Airlines.
Let us take you to depth! There are a number of cases in which the price of buying AAdvantage miles is lower than the equivalent ticket price on the flight they are redeemed. This is the most frequent when redeeming miles for Business or First Class flights.
Just to give you an idea of how much AAdvantage miles are worth, a return /business class award booking from Australia to Europe costs only 1,70,000 AAdvantage miles and the First-class costs 2,30,000 miles. The best thing is that this does not include any pass on fuel surcharges on award bookings (except British Airways or Iberia).
Have a look at a few examples of these spots where redeeming AAdvantage miles can be good value:
  • Qantas First Class Flights – Between Australia and Asia cost 50,000 miles one-way (including Sydney-Hong Kong)
  • The flights from Australia to Europe cost 85,000 miles in Business or 1,15,999 miles in First Class, one way.
  • Etihad First Class Apartments – From Sydney to Abu Dhabi costs 1,00,000 miles one-way.
  • Qantas Business Class – Between Australia and New Zealand cost 25,000 miles one-way
  • Qantas Business class anywhere within Australia costs 20,000 miles one-way.

One More Approach To Earn Miles

One of the easiest ways to earn airline miles is promotional product merchandise. By this, you can earn 25,000 Airline miles through Southwest® Rapid Rewards and American Airlines® AAdvantage®. This has a dual benefit, your brand name will get great exposure as well as you can earn Air miles by purchasing promotional giveaways.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways to earn Airline miles. The right approach at the right time makes a huge difference. As for business owners, the marketing of promotional products is one of the simplest ways. Digitized Logos is the only promotional product company to offer 25,000 miles in simple 5 purchases.