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Help Your Brand “Go Green” With Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

  • Jan 14, 2020
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Help Your Brand “Go Green” With Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

When choosing a promotional product for your next campaign or event, what things come in your mind? The products must be affordable, reusable and sustainable. Let us help you in selecting the trendy promotional products that would help you enhance your brand visibility. 

Do you know the ratio of customers willing to try more products from sustainable brands in increasing each year? So why not choose eco-friendly promotional items, because going green is now becoming a top business strategy. For ease, let’s select one eco-friendly product that is one of the most used – eco-friendly water bottles.

Why Eco-Friendly Water Bottles Good for Brand Awareness

Firstly, the main reason for choosing this item as a promotional giveaway is its maximum usability globally. So, choosing a trending product is a plus.  In spite, there are a number of benefits for your company so as to expand your brand. Out of which, here are the top three benefits listed below:

Save Customer’s Money

Eco-friendly products are sustainable and go for a long time. Study shows that consumers spend about 20$ on a reusable water bottle. Thus, giving away an eco-friendly water bottle for free already demonstrates your commitment to the customer. Also, if you include information on the benefit of using reusable bottles, the value of the promotion grows rapidly. By this, a family of four can save thousands of dollars over the course of five years by using eco-friendly water bottles – more than enough to invest in new services and products from your brand.

Earn Customer’s Goodwill

The use of eco-friendly water bottles prevents approximately 217 plastic water bottles per person from entering landfills every year. When your marketing efforts focus on the benefits of sustainability, customers are more likely to trust your brand.

Lead to Maximize Impressions

Reusable water bottles can generate many more impressions based on personal use. Where a reusable water bottle can have a lifespan of five years or more if cleaned regularly, leading to countless impressions wherever customers go.
Digitized Logos offer a wide selection of affordable reusable bottles, including some of the best sellers.

Aluminum Water Bottle w/ Carabiner

Give a message to your customers by handing them an Aluminium Water Bottle. By customizing it with your exciting logo, you can spread your brand name where your recipients go.
Aluminum Water Bottle

Slim Fit Water Sports Bottle – Flip-Straw Lid

Slim Fit Water Sports Bottle
Our Slim Fit Water Sports Bottle is BPA-free. It is a transparent sports water bottle with contrast lids. This is one of the best promotional products as it is easy to carry and use at the same time. Many people usually prefer to use this water bottle on a daily basis. Thus, choose different colors and let your logo shine over these promotional products. 

Collapsible Bottle

Collapsible Bottle
The unique collapsible water bottle is specially designed to flatten for easy transport. This is a better choice for hikers and athletes who need to hydrate on-the-go. The eco-friendly collapsible water bottle features a convenient built-in carry handle. Also, it can easily attach to a utility belt or backpack. There are many vibrant colors available that you can choose with your logo over it.  

On the Whole 

Giveaway eco-friendly water bottles as a part of a company-wide initiative to go green. Choose the best marketing plan to spread your brand name and take care of your customer’s happiness as well. Talk to Digitized Logos and get more promotional ideas that would not only fit your budget but also cheer your clients when they receive them.