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Every human gravitates towards the most predominant thought in their minds. Imagine what it would mean for your business if you have that thought constantly in the mind of your customers! From their steps always being ordered to the doorsteps of your business to having them advertise your business to others by recommending your services to others, the possibilities are endless!


Well, you could always hire a magician to concoct a powerful potion that will eternally keep you on the mind of your customers (good luck with that!) Or you could decide to play it smart and be more practical by using loyalty gift products. What’s that on your mind? What are loyalty gift products? Loyalty gift products are those little gift items you give to customers to buy their soul (just kidding!) Loyalty gift products are just another little way of securing your customers and earning their loyalty. These loyalty products could include thoughtful items like keychains, pens, coffee mugs, and also promotional items given as nice gestures such as a bottle of wine.

Staying on the mind of these customers should be imperative as it means you have succeeded in keeping your competition out of their minds, which is good for business by the way. The best things about loyalty gift products are that they are customisable and can be handy items customers carry with them everywhere such as ballpoint pens, what with people always having to carry pens around these days to fill out forms, sign orders, documents and even autographs.

They might not pay too much attention to the pen while carrying out such activities as filing documents, forms and what not, sipping from a coffee mug for that morning buzz or while they are hurriedly signing off on some delivered package so they can rip they wrapping to shreds, a carefully placed logo of your company indirectly serves to remind them of who gave them such a thoughtful gift and why they are in possession of it in the first place thus registering in their subconscious your company and the services you provide.

A gift of a bottle of wine with your company logo aptly placed on it given to a customer that has acquired goods or services routinely or for a particular quantity or price goes a farther distance than an old-fashioned ‘Thanks for patronizing our handshake.’ While they consume that bottle of wine in solitude or all the better share it with a loved one or with loved ones (the more, the better), the question of the source of wine is bound to come up and guess who they will be talking about, your business!

A first time customer walks into your business premises (store, service outlet, etc.) looking unsure and doubtful, after offering him excellent service, you can further cement his trust and acquire his patronage by giving him a thoughtful gift such as a keychain. He places his car keys or apartment keys in it. Every time he brings out his keys to use, his eye catches a carefully placed logo of your company on it, the thought of your company floats right to the surface of his mind for a brief moment. Guess where he’ll be heading to if he needs such a service as that which you offer? Your guess is as good as mine!

Take another scenario, a soccer mom, and her seven kids come into your service outlet, after purchasing the goods or services you offer, you hand each of her seven kids a cool wristband with your company name and logo crest on it. They leave the outlet and interact with others. While socializing, someone asks one of the kids where they got the cool wristband they were sporting and boom! Free advertisement for you.

Giving out these gifts goes a long way to endear yourselves to a friendly brand to your customers while retaining their loyalty and gaining their trust. However, there are some mistakes you could make that have the capacity to override your good intentions and cause damage to your reputation. Gladly, such mistakes are avoidable. Some tips to avoid these mistakes when handing out loyalty promotional items to your customers include;

  • Personalizing gifts when possible: Customizing your loyalty promotional items to align with the interests of your customers is a very wise step. This would give your customers or clients the idea that you take them seriously and pay attention to their details.
  • Don’t break the piggy bank: Keep your gifts simple and inexpensive. Avoid spending too much on these loyalty products. An inexpensive but thoughtful gift to a customer such as a complimentary card during the holidays should suffice. Spending too much could have dire consequences on your companies’ finances.
  • Be alert to religious beliefs, traditions, sexual orientations, and race: the last thing you want your gifts to say about you is: ‘insensitive.’ Make sure you are aware of the religious beliefs and other sensitive areas of the recipient of your loyalty gift product so that you don’t go putting them off rather than pleasing them. For example, giving a Christmas gift to a Muslim would be embarrassing. To avoid this, you can ask questions such as whether or not they celebrate a particularly festive holiday.
  • Stay relevant: Don’t be boring. Make sure your loyalty promotional gift items are seen as relevant. They should be things people make use of always like pens and keychains and not things that will be dumped in a corner once they are received. Think of things your customers will likely use regularly and gift it to them
  • Keep everyone in mind: Your gifts should be things everyone from men, women, old and young can make use of. This way, your loyalty gift items can always be passed from one person to another or can be re-gifted and still be relevant to the recipient.

Boost your market and increase your profit today! Give out thoughtful loyalty gift items to your customers and stay on their minds!

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