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Importance of Airline Miles for Hub Cities Meeting Planners

  • Aug 27, 2017
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Importance of Airline Miles for Hub Cities Meeting Planners

The workload of a meeting planner can be excruciatingly demanding; ranging from supervising, coordinating, and logistical activities provision all geared towards the execution of an envisaged perfect event. A meeting planner interacts with clienteles to grasp the aim of the meeting, review event bills, plan the scope of the meeting comprised of the cost, locations, program, and all these tasks can be frustrating as it involves lots of traveling and management of individuals. The exigencies of being a meeting planner cannot be over emphasized. Now, imagine a scenario where you don't have to step a foot on a plane to earn Airline miles, also cogitate an event where your corporate apparel for a planned meeting was delivered behind schedule. Imagine what that will do to your brand name? But with Digitized Logos Inc. you are sure of an unrivaled choice of products, customized orders and also with the unprecedented rewards. You are offered in just making an order which allows you to minimize the cost of executing a project and invariably more returns. This I believe is healthy for your company. Digitized Logos as a meeting planner service provider is a source for promotional items and a printed corporate apparel. With its vast knowledge of the needs of a meeting planner, it has provided a reward for meeting planners who are plying their trade within the 60 hub cities as stated on the website. These stated hub cities are selected as a result of the economy influence on the domestic communities and also the existence of airports hubs which links various part of the states thus making it easy for those attending the event to source for flight details without many hitches.


  • Broad Destinations: These cities are engaged due to its ability to provide for a wider destination and every meeting planner knows that in choosing a location for an event, you have to take cognizance of clients’ ease of movement to the venue. For example, Denver International connects over 15 cities in the state.
  • Infrastructures and antecedents: Most of the cities are a renowned hub for meetings and conferences due to the tourism ambiance, infrastructures, and entertainments. The climate is mild, and the availability of top notch accommodations are some of the reasons for including Los Angeles which receives over a million guests annually.
  • Security perspective: It is pertinent meeting planners have a well-structured knowledge of the security of an event location, for no one would like to embrace an invitation to a conference, knowing full well that his safety can be comprised, the cities are certified safe.
  • Availability of exotic accommodations: The existence of perfect, comfy accommodations to suit your personality was also taken into consideration before the selection of these cities. The hotels are constructed to standard with enough space for outdoor events are available.
According to a 2017 Report on the most visited cities by meeting planners in the USA where Orlando Florida is the most meeting planner’s destinations tends to fall in line with the statistics of Digitized Logos promotional product and its objective of a win for all for its customers.


The primary reasons why these listed cities are engaged by most meeting planners is because these cities have histories, beautiful hotels, exotic spacious venues, the infusion of world renowned arts and cultures, easy availability of information, which allows the attendee to explore and appealing to the individuals' mind. Digitized Logos has lots of great goodies in the offing for meeting planners that sort their promotional items from us. These benefits include:
  • It allows you to earn two airline miles for every dollar spent on order, and Digitized Logos is the ONLY promotional products company that is offering you this.
  • These company's incentives allow you to maximize your budget to meet up with your goal. Also, in some cases proffer advice on consulting services for free.
  • When dealing with Digitized Logos, you are certain to get a $50 off from all purchases of a $1000 or more.


  • Southwest rapid rewards: This program gives you the opportunity to earn a 25,000 traveling miles by purchasing a promotional product that is worth a $1000 thus giving you the latitude to fly to your next corporation's meeting for free. The rapid rewards also offer you the luxury of earning two airline miles for a dollar spent on promotional products. The beauty of the Southwest program is that it is easy to access.
  • United MileagePlus: This reward allows you to earn airline miles without you having to set foot on a plane. Also, these rewards allow you to travel the continent in pursuance of your work objectives which is to make more profit.
  • AAdvantage Miles reward: The partnership between Digitized Logos and American Airlines makes it possible for you to fly to your favorite destinations without paying for a flight ticket. This is just another means of Digitized Logos showing that when you make an order, it is a win-win for both sides.


  • Budget Discipline: The provision of free airline miles by Digitized Logos creates a platform for meeting planners to be more worried on budget discipline to meet client’s specified orders.
  • Cost Effective: This program allows meeting planners to save money, which would have been used to book a flight and it is now regarded as an increase in returns.
  • Incentives: Every employer can always purchase promotional products from Digitized Logos and giving the airline miles to its employee which solidifies a working relationship.
  • Profit maximization: This idea of airline miles gives you the advantage to accumulate more benefit from the services you are rendering.
Digitized Logos is known for excellent quality, competitive prices, the custom order of promotional products, which it delivers to both small and large firms. This company has been around since 1998, so it understands the movements and needs of a meeting planner, the exigencies of the job and how behind schedule delivery can damp all the effort put to make an event fruitful.


  • Compare: Always compare with other companies offering the same product, to know which will be feasible for you. It is always advisable to apply common sense when doing this.
  • Choose a reward program: The Availability of a variety of rewards program as provided by Digitized Logos. It is pertinent you select one and indicate an interest earlier, to start reaping the benefits soon enough.
  • Check for dates when the reward program will elapse: Most rewards programs now have an expiring date to save the company from unscrupulous liabilities.
  • Flying isn't the only way to get airlines miles: This is what Digitized Logos offers you; free airlines miles without setting foot on a plane.


According to a monthly report by international trade and tourism office, the influx of people into the states has been on the increase, thus having a positive increase from 2014 down to 2016. There are quite some cities in the USA that most international visitors prefer to visits, and it can be attributed to the flavor or the undue social media outburst of the state because every state has its uniqueness and peculiarity. Deducing from a report collated from the various states convention visitors bureau; it was noticed that Orlando welcomes about 66.1 million domestic visitors yearly and about 5.8 million international guests. Also, New York City entertains about 12.3 million international visitors and 46.2 million domestic guests. Furthermore, Las Vegas played host to about 8.2 million international visitors and 34.7 million domestic guests, Los Angeles has 6.7 million international guests and 38.8 million domestic visitors. Miami is home to 7.5 million international guests; also San Diego hosts 6.2 million foreign visitors and about 27.9 million domestic guests. San Francisco hosts about 2.8 million foreign visitors; Honolulu is 2.8 million international guests while Houston and Boston are 2.5 million visitors each from the international guests. Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Dallas are 50.9 million, 49 million, 41 million, 34.4 million and 2.27 million respectively domestically (360 Chicago). These statistics simply gives the meeting planner an idea of how and where the world is finding interesting to visit, thus when contemplating for a location of an event, these cities should be the first to come to bare. The proximity of the distance to a given place also have an impact to play on the exact location of the meeting, also is the time when the meeting planner is contacted is intricate to core decisions of choosing any of this stated cities.


  • Available Budget: The type of budget available at the disposal of the meeting planner plays an integral role in choosing the site of an event. If he/she is operating on a low budget it only means that the site wouldn't be that far from the present vicinity and if it is using an extended budget, he/she can choose to involve more exotic, a little distance from the operating proximity, to give his clients an incredible meeting experience.
  • Clients opinion: The view of the customers also plays a pivotal role when engaging in location sourcing for a conference, meeting, events by a contracted meeting planners. You should first have extensive discussions with the perceived clients, and pay attention to every detail and what type of location that would be appealing to them to avoid issues later.
  • Experience: When choosing a location, you should consider places that will have a positive influence on the attendees of the program for the working environment is already too dull to most clients and an environment that offers pleasure, and the thoughts of adventures will be very much appreciated. It will allow the meeting attendee an opportunity to explore a new environment.
  • Meeting essence: Every events gathering always has a topic it is always trying to convey and the type of message. The topic can also influence an ideal location of where the events can be held, so as a meeting planner, you have to take note of this also when planning and to design your location of particular events.
  • Conference center: You should always make sure you have an idea of the number of guests that will be attending an event to be able to book for a conference center that is spacious, and able to accommodate attendees. You have to be able to anticipate what might go wrong in the course of the event, and solicits for means to be a little ahead of time to give your clients services that are paid for.
In a compendium, Digitized Logos provides meeting planners, with numerous incentives and I see no reason you should not put a call across to friendly business activities today. After all, it is a win-win for both sides. If you like to have more information about our Airline Miles for Hub Cities Meeting Planners, we encourage you to please let us know by leaving comments below. Should you require additional assistance or information about our Airline Miles for Hub Cities Meeting Planners or If you have product related questions, please contact us anytime using either our live chat (available from 9:00am to 5:30pm EST from Monday to Friday); call us on (301) 963-3553 or simply use our contact form to send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.