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Promo Items that Actually Work

  • Feb 25, 2017
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The use of promotional gifts as a marketing strategy to draw customers and keep them coming back has been in existence for a long time now. Promo items serve an important purpose of showing your customers your appreciation for having them patronize your brand, company or business. The customers will always be coming back knowing that their satisfaction is always guaranteed with your company and most often than not, they will leave recommendations for friends and families too.

After a service well delivered, a little extra something like a gift with your company or brand name and logo on it will go a long way in guaranteeing you the patronage of that particular customer. You can always get these professional gifts from us at Digitized Logos.

This article is all about giving you the right opinions on what promo products are perfect for promoting your business or company and how you can go about getting them from us at affordable prices with quick delivery.

Holiday Promo Giveaways

Starting with promo products for the holidays as the holiday’s approach; what better time to appreciate your esteemed customers with your customized promo items than now and save them the stress of shopping for some gifts.

For the holidays, the promo items that will surely excite your customers and clients include;

  • Bags: How about a bag for the holiday travels. Something to help your customers pack their holiday kits into one place, all safe and secure for whatever climate that they intend traveling to or bags for the holiday shopping or then, a picnic bag for the family reunion picnic. Just any quality bag customized with your brand name and logo is perfect.
  • A Power Bank: This is ideal for the holiday travels to. A power bank to help keep their cell phone batteries on throughout their journey so they can always connect with their loved ones while on the bus, train or airplane. They will appreciate you for your help in keeping their phones on while they were on the go.
  • Sun Glasses: For a visit to the beach with their family. Visiting the beach is one of the fun activities families engage in during the holidays, and a sunshade as a gift to guard the eyes against the direct rays of the sun is more than welcome.
  • Toys for the Children: Holiday toys for the children are another wonderful promo item that will help market your business effectively.

Asides from the holidays, a parting gift as a bonus for clients is always a fail-proof method of selling your products and services to your targeted customers. Other promo giveaways for your customers include;

  • T-Shirts: Customized t-shirts for your customers are a subtle way of advertising your services to whoever comes across them wearing them and also a guaranteed way to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.
  • Wrist Watches: Get your customized wrist watch branded with your company names and logo from us at digitized logos to help your clients keep a check on the time while they appreciate you for helping them keep early to their appointments.
  • Vacuum Insulated Tumblers: A gift that will help make sure that they are always in supply of hot water or cold water while on the go.
  • Mobile Phone Pockets: Gift them a customized portable bag for their phones to help reduce the risks of misplacing their mobile phones or having them stolen.
  • Caps and Hats: To keep the sun away and have them look stylish with a beautifully written company name and logo on the hats.
  • Pens: Customized pens that they can always carry around for their day to day jotting down of information and activities on their diaries or journals.
  • Journals: For recording events.
  • Golf Items: For the golf lovers, a couple of golf items like golf balls, hats, golf sticks will go a long way in putting smiles on their faces.

There are a lot of other gift items out there which serve well as a means of marketing your business and promoting your brands to already made customers and those who are yet to find you. Gifts like home and kitchen utensils, computer accessories, sports and outdoor equipment, travel items, candy and snacks, clothing items, food and beverages, health equipment, automobile kits. The list is endless, and these promo gift items are easily assessable when you start looking in the right places.

As a business owner, your sole aim should be about promoting your business, products, and services to your targeted customers in any way necessary and one of those sure ways is through promo giveaways. The list of promo items above is just a tip of the iceberg as possible promo gift items for your clients are numerous and would take more than one article to list.

To get your customized gift items that will suit and match whatever service that you have rendered to a customer, you can reach out to us at Digitized Logos for that purpose. Our job is to deliver excellent gift items which have been customized by us with your company name and logo to you.

We are here to save you the stress of having to worry about what promo gift item to offer to your customers. We deal with that and with a fast rate of delivery. Our other services include gift packaging. We have a staff of professional designers who will sort out your logo needs. Whether you already have a logo design in mind or not, with us, you have no worries.

We have rendered our professional services to big customers in the past like USAID, Radisson, United States Department of Homeland Security, Cisco and a whole lot of other top organizations. Our customers and your customer’s satisfaction are our major concern.

Work with Digitized Logos to ensure you leave your customers happy with the services you have provided them and have them coming back for more.