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Promotional Products Airline Miles Rewards

  • May 04, 2017
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Promotional Products Airline Miles Rewards

Promotional Products, as the name says is the item that has the logo or name of the brand it is trying to promote. These items are given out by the same brand company to the public as freebies. But how exactly do they get the products and from where do they get it?

Well, some companies are licensed to create these products and sell them to the brands whose logo is present on the product. And this is where it gets tricky, and it is that the company cannot sell another brand product to another company. Anyways, Digitized Logos have been in the business since 1998 where we have been producing products of every kind for the companies to promote their brands with it. And yes, you read it right, every kind of product via which a brand can be promoted.

Now, let us move to what the Digitized Logos have got in store for their buyers. Yes, the little hint you had from reading the title would be explained here. Well, with every dollar you spend by purchasing the promotional products from Digitized Logos, you get a 2-miles airline reward. And the best part is that Digitized Logos is not only the company that sells promotional products, but also the one that offers these airline miles rewards.

There are two categories here; one is for every little purchase where you get a 2-mile reward for every dollar you spend. The rewards work for miles with the American Airlines AAdvantage, United MileagePlus, and Southwest Rapid Rewards. The other reward type is where you get a 25,000-mile reward with purchasing a group of products.

Here is how it works. You can get 25,000-miles with the first five promotional products order. And if you think spending just 5 dollars for five things would do it, you are getting the idea wrong. The per dollar gives you 2-miles are something very different, and this is different as well. The 1 product for the five products mentioned above happens when a person buys the promotional products for one-time of $1000 excluding the freight, taxes and set-up fees, that is when it is taken as one product. And with this, you would earn 5000-miles reward points. Does this make sense now?

Well, with every time up to 5 times in total that you order promotional products that cost $1000 or above is when you would get the 5000-miles reward. Either way, you can keep collecting the rewards and the fly for free. So what are waiting for? Begin to get free rewards by availing the services.

Jean Pierre François – Business Development Manager – Digitized Logos Inc. – Office: (301) 963-3553 – Direct Line: (410) 501-5755