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Promotional Items for Labor Day Celebrations

  • Sep 03, 2017
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Promotional Items for Labor Day Celebrations

Jeremiah 8:20; “the summer has passed, the harvest has ended, and we are not saved.” Though summer is over, your organization and employees will be quite okay, and it depends to an extent on the promotional gifts and recreational activities you choose to organize for your staffs during the Labor Day celebrations. It goes a long way in boosting their morales, and it inculcates in them that they are appreciated and are a part of your business family. According to the United States Department of labor, the end of summer holiday is celebrated on the first Monday of September each year as a tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well being of the US.

The Labor Day celebrations should not make business executives to take the foot off the pedal because it provides an opportunity to a wider creation of awareness with your brand through promotional items. Folks indulge in more shopping activities from their favorite shopping malls during this period, and it would be widely appreciated if they are given much better tailored promotional gifts that are synonymous with the ambiance of the holiday weekends. Promotional items for labor day celebrations is different from the usual churn out promotional gifts purveyed by companies and your choices of promotional items to be dished out to either your customers or employees are two separate things. Your staffs will be expecting unique products that are useful and relatively expensive, while your clients will be fairly exhilarated to be offered gifts which they never envisaged from you but the gifts must be of high quality also. The Labor Day celebrations can serve you multiple purposes as a business owner, namely:

  • As a medium to show gratitude to your employees: Employees are always conscious of the Labor Day celebrations which you can key into as a business owner to reflect with your staff on your past achievements and ways of moving forward while having an incredible time bonding with staffs. It is a particular technique to keep your most trustworthy employees and also their services which invariably leads to better performances after the long weekends.
  • As an opportunity to organize a barbecue party for both employees and customers: It won’t cost much throwing the venue open for your customers to come and have a nice outing with you and your staff. This gesture tends to make customers more loyal to your brand, and offers a direct opportunity to understand your customers more, and their views on what you are doing as an entity and even proffering you ideas on how to do it better.
  • As an avenue for an aggressive marketing through promotional items: The common belief that Labor Day weekends are only meant for recreational and fun activities is misleading. As a business owner, you can use the Labor Day long weekends as a platform to offer promotional gift items to your customers. But whatever items you are giving out, it must be by the holiday spirit. This helps to market your brand in a more aggressive ways, without you knowing it.

List of Labor Day promotional items for your employees:

  • Promotional Grills
  • Bags and totes
  • Writing materials
  • Calendars and planners
  • Apparels
  • Drink ware
  • Greeting cards
  • Customized mugs
  • Denim shirts
  • Imprinted towels

The list can be enormous, but it does not stop at just invading any promotional product service stores. You must be aware of the usefulness of such promotional items to the employee, and your promotional items should be of different grades as it concerns employee’s performance to enable a platform for a healthy employee’s competition, which is healthy for business growth.

Simple tips to consider before choosing Labor Day Promotional items for employee:

  • It must be by the holiday ambiance, and the message must be clearly and practically engaging.
  • Usefulness: The promotional items must be useful to the employee, to suit your employee’s everyday day living. Employees love to use the long weekend to travel and be with family and friends; it is pertinent that you have knowledge of this when choosing promotional items for Labor Day holidays for your staffs.
  • Durable: Whatever promotional items you are disbursing must be durable and able to last and withstand the test of time so that employees can much more appreciate it.

The histories of Labor Day celebrations can be traced as far back as the 19th century and contemporarily grow to become a federal holiday. It entails the end of summer vacation, the flux purchase of school materials, and the temporary closing of beaches by beach operators. This is characterized by lots of carnivals and allegiance to patriotism by all who love America and is a part of the work force directly or indirectly, due to the Shopping spree nature of Labor Day celebrations. It is always advisable for businesses to employ means to attract more customers to their enterprise and a sure way is the strategic use of promotional items, which have been proven to be more effective than allowances and discounts through surveys and research. Customer promotional items include: customized pens, T-shirt, mugs, bags, etc., this helps to create brand awareness of your business.

Effects of Labor Day promotional items:

  • Patriotism: Companies who engage in Labor Day promotional items disbursement to customers are seen as a patriotic organization by its customers. If your business is considered to be patriotic, it entails a lot of the management. It means you are functioning at stipulated corporate ethics, invariably it endears you to the citizens, and it increases your customer base and turns over.
  • Opportunity to maximize returns: Flurry of shopping activities characterizes the Labor Day weekends, and most business outlets often offer discounts to customers. But with your business disseminating promotional items, it opens up an opportunity to a broad customer patronage and more returns to your business. Statistics have proven that consumers are more accustomed to going back to business enterprises that they were given promotional items to purchase other wares and a good number of customers will talk about the brand that offered promotional items to friends and relatives.
  • Employees improved job description performance: Before the long weekends of Labor Day celebrations, it is always advisable to organize a discussion gathering of all your employees, appreciating their contributions and also suggesting means to be better in the discharge of their job descriptions. The beauty of this is that employees have the holidays to ponder over the suggestions and improvise ways to enhance performance on resuming work on Tuesday’s after the Labor Day celebrations.

Adverse effects of not giving employees promotional gift items on Labor Day:

  • Low productivity: It is believed that promotional items disbursement to employees is a strategy to motivate your work force to have more productive employees who are ready to give in their best for the growth of the business. But when morales are down, productivity is down also, and this spells doom for your business.
  • Static work force: When you do not motivate your staff, there is every tendency for them not to be creative in the discharge of their stated job descriptions, thus making your business static and can be attributed to the availability of a known oscillating work force.
  • It can portray you in the limelight of not been labor friendly, and when your employees are not happy, they tend to disseminate the same information to prospective future employees thus casting aspersions on your brand’s integrity and brands ethics on staff welfare.
  • The adverse effect of not using promotional items to increase brands market base is enormous, which can result in a reduced turnover, returns on investments, and loss of already established customers to companies who are employing promotional items on Labor Day celebrations.

Ways to appreciate your employees during the long Labor Day weekends:

  • Gifts: You can always appreciate your staffs by giving out promotional items to them and also encouraging them to always bring their families to the company’s social gatherings during the Labor Day weekends
  • Just tell them: Speaking about how your employees have done exceptionally well during the Labor long weekends is a way of appreciating your workforce and it is valued more than the annual reward for the employee of the year.
  • Extension of the holiday: There is every tendency that the Tuesday work resumption will be characterized by hanging over and stories of the activities of the weekends. Labor hours will be lost, and much will not be actualized on that day, so it is advisable to extend the holiday, which your employees will gladly welcome and appreciate the kind gesture.

Every business owner should always strive to show appreciation to its workforce and customers especially on Labor Day through the disbursement of promotional items that is of high quality, and useful. Digitized Logos is a world known promotional product service provider and has been in the business since 1998. Digitized Logos has a myriad of incentives for you when you come around to do business with them.

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