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Promotional Products Declassified: Why are they still relevant?

  • Oct 12, 2017
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Promotional Products Declassified: Why are they still relevant?

All business big or small runs on networking, should it be reaching out to vendors or to potential prospects. Businesses try to use various marketing strategies to achieve this objectives for example newsletters, paper ads, billboards, TV interviews, radio, social media, pamphlets, articles in magazines and targeted campaigns. Withal due respect these marketing tactics do yield success but they come at hefty price. Most businesses can’t afford to shell out big bucks for advertisement to be seen by public for once or twice and then just forget about them. This is where promotional products come to the aid and bridge the gap. Promotional Products has the power to provide long time interaction with people and are often underestimated by businesses, while implementing their marketing strategies. Handing out giveaways or gifts to people like promotional drinkware, custom tote bags, logo pens, etc. which the recipient can use in daily life provides an opportunity for them to get more integrated with your brand. This is just one of many benefits that we are going to discuss, forever cementing its place in business promotion.

2017 PPAI buyer’s study proclaimed that one in two buyers’ uses business logo promotional products in business or sales representation. 45 percent of these buyers hand out promotional items at social events; be it meetings, trade fair shows, and significantly about 42 percent use them in retail. In understanding the how’s and why’s associated with using promotional products to make decisions in the line of marketing strategies, about four factors scaled through with the cost of marketing taking about 41 percent, return on investments having about 26 percent. 14 percent tolled the line of the complexity of buying, and about 13 percent were about the ability to track the campaign. Overall, 87 percent of buyer’s credit business logo promotional products with contributing to the success in reaching their targeted markets.

Are Promotional Products Still Relevant?

The relevance of custom logo promotional products is innumerable because your promotional products might be embedded with the attributes of a customer’s appreciated products which are: usefulness attributes, standardization attributes, and informative attributes. Here are a few benefits of well-organized business logo promotional products;

Easy brand identification: According to the Researchers write in the journal of consumer’s research, a mere circularity and angularity of a business logo are powerful enough to dictate your brand in the market. Subsequently, when your business is identified with an insignia through advertising with the use of business logo promotional products, it makes it easy and straightforward for customers to identify your services and products and stands your brand out in a clustered target markets.

Market penetration: For a new business that is trying to penetrate already established markets with clustered competitors offering similar services and product, business logo promotional products endear your business to the target market invariably eases the hurdles of penetrating into already defined markets with competitors calling the shots. It regularizes your business activities, bringing it closer to the markets and in a subtle way; understanding how your target markets response to your business stimuli, making it simple for clients and prospects to get acquainted with your products faster than you envisaged.

Development of a healthy trust relationship between customers and brand: It is a proven fact, that when a customer wants to look for a product, the customer visualizes the Logo first, then sets out to purchase it, but most customers tend to appreciate a logo more. But bringing customers to buy your product or services is one thing, deriving satisfaction is a different ball game, so you have to make sure you put as much time in advertising and in promoting an exceptional customer experience in your business service delivery. In this regard, when a customer appreciates your business logo, it gets an outstanding customer service from your organization then trust building with the brand is not far-fetched.

Internal marketing techniques: According to the PPAI exclusive research of 2017, about 95 percent of the respondents agreed that Logo items are used internally by the buyers, which invariably is used as a subtle way of marketing the brands to customers.

Promotion of brands image and heightening of brands identity: Logo promotional items help to put your business name on the face of the public, in their homes, and probably in their kitchen. It makes it easy to contact you in an event where the need for your kind of service is required.

Change of ownership or merger: Business logos, when combined with promotional products can be used to reassure customers that although there was a merger or change of ownership of the business, and the company is still very much certain to build on its antecedent success. Also, to assure your customers that the business is still the same, and stating how important they are to the company.

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