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“Sales of The Month” Award To Surprise Your Top Employee

  • Nov 17, 2019
  • 27


“Sales of The Month” Award To Surprise Your Top Employee

Surprise Your Top Employee: “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

– Simon Sinek, a British-American author
Be it B2B or B2C organization, the sales team is the core division of every company as they are solely responsible to drive leads and sales, ultimately contributing to the company’s business growth.
There are several aspects to keep your sales team happy, and few of these are as follows:-
Sales Team Happy
  • Keep Them in the Loop
  • Don’t Undercut Them
  • Pay Commission Promptly
  • Keep Sales Target Reasonable
  • Give Them Time to Sell
Many of the aforementioned pointers are old-practices, if you wish to encourage your sales team to walk that extra mile, you are obligated to recognize their efforts.
And, there are no better means than running a “sales of the month” program to foster motivation and drive engagements around the workplace.
Advantages of “Salesman of the Month” Program
  • Kindle Healthy Competition Within The Team
  • Improve Employee Retention
  • Boost Employee Engagement
  • Optimum Productivity
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But, do you want to gift a spectacular “Salesman of the Month” award that leaves your sales team awestruck? Then, check the exclusive Southwest Airline Miles program.
You can earn 25,000 Rapid Rewards Points by investing in promotional products. Digitized Logos is the only promotional products supplier in the United States that offer 25,000 Rapid Rewards Points.
With 25,000 Rapid Rewards Points, you can gift your company’s performer of the month a surprise flight trip in Continental U.S. and Canada!

Want to know How The Program Works?

Southwest Airlines
Here, how easily you can make 25,000 Rapid Rewards Points:-
With every purchase of promotional products worth $1,000 or more, you’ll earn 5,000 Rapid Rewards points. So, with your fifth order, you can send your company’s “salesman of the month” to Europe via an unforgettable journey in SouthWest Airlines.
This is how the calculations work:-
  • First Order Worth $1,000 or More-Or 5,000 Rapid Rewards Points
  • Second-Order Worth $1,000 or More-Or 5,000 Rapid Rewards Points
  • Third Order Worth $1,000 or More-Or 5,000 Rapid Rewards Points
  • Fourth Order Worth $1,000 or More-Or 5,000 Rapid Rewards Points
  • Fifth Order Worth $1,000 or More-Or 5,000 Rapid Rewards Points
Total Five Orders More than $5,000 and get 25000 Rapid Rewards Points.
Before getting started with your program:
Make sure you become a member of Southwest Airlines by filling the online application form at https://www.southwest.com/rapidrewards
One thing to note here is that there is no fee to sign up as a member of the SouthWest Rapid Rewards program. Furthermore, by checking their website, you can learn more about the Rapid Rewards program benefits, bonuses etc.

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