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Save The Planet With Custom Reusable Products

  • Mar 20, 2019
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Save The Planet With Custom Reusable Products

Custom reusable products are eco-friendly promotional products featuring a brand or logo can be the best solution to save the world. Companies must take an environment-friendly and socially conscious approach to the promotional product. Everybody adores reusable tote bags, grocery bags, T-shirt bags, beer bag, and tradeshow bags. As these reusable bags are the best eco-friendly substitutes to plastic bags. Eco-friendly recycled and reusable bags can be personalized with a brand, company name, and marketing slogan while also building a statement about a company’s commitment to saving the environment and minimizing a company’s carbon footprint.

What can be better than packing edibles for a long road trip or a picnic day, presenting a significant gift to a dear one or tote groceries from the store without worrying about tearing, ripping or environmental damage? Personalized reusable totes and bags provide all that, plus excellent branding and high-quality printing.

Custom promotional products that work

Although the average personalizes, the reusable bag gets nearly 7,000 brand impression, transforming to 1,000 per dollar, while an average tee shirt comparatively gets 200 feelings. Custom reusable tote bags are the only option which doesn’t take large space and are loved and appreciated by customers. For they are relatively inexpensive and they can be given as promotional gifts at a trade show or your store.

Plastic pollution is considered the biggest problem, but that’s not fair. 12% of plastic is incinerated while only 9% of plastic is recycled. The remaining plastic which is 70% is rolled up in a natural environment. Here is a list of eco-friendly promotional products that can be used to frame how easy it is to replace plastic products and this way you can participate in removing the pollution from our planet. The ideal way to battle against plastic pollution is led by example and make sure that the products you purchase are formed with environment and ethics both in mind.

  1. Wool footwear – Clothing is mostly made from cotton carrying a surprising percentage of plasticized fabric and flexible plastic sheeting. Wool footwear is made with wool fabric and by using this promotional product at your event you can promote a brisk use of naturally existing content, instead of relying on sleazier synthetics.
  2. Coffee cups – Reusable coffee cups can be used to help to eliminate the waste because of single-use coffee cups. You can launch reusable coffee cups as promotional products in your trade show which are made just according to standards and by food-safe silicone, fitting comfortably in the machine at any coffee shop.
  3. Stainless steel drink bottles – Almost 35 billion plastic bottles are thrown away by Americans every year, and this plastic ends up in oceans, landfills and other parts of the land damaging the environment with BPA. BPA is a chemical compound which can mix up with water and beverages. Stainless steel drink bottles can be used as promotional products. These bottles are BPA-free, and they are safe and sustainable to be used for drinking. These bottles can help us eliminating the plastic bottle pollution and keeping our environment and our family safe.

Similarly, drink bottle jackets, lids, lanyard, disposable waste bags or recycled toilet tissues can be used as promotional products.