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Start 2019 the right way by investing in health promotional products

  • Jan 10, 2019
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Start 2019 the right way by investing in health promotional products

Nowadays people are more interested in improving the quality of their lives with well-being practices and healthy habits. In reality, exponential growth has been observed in the health & wellness industry over the last three years, making it the fastest growing market all over the world. Moreover, as we see high demand in all the restorative and organic things, there’s still big competition for health institution to win the confidence and loyalty of their customers. Fortunately, a little effort in branding goes a long way. Thus, if you own a fitness studio, wellness center or some private clinic, there are multiple ways by which you can promote your company with health promotional products.

Health and wellness giveaway items are powerful contenders among the year’s most voguish logoed products. It’s great news for marketers who are looking for an interesting product that gives people the most worthy thing: practicality. 82% of Canadians and 77% of Americans say they remember the logo and company name of a product if it is beneficial for them. That means consumers can immediately remember the company’s or marketer’s name on health & wellness item they own. That kind of remembrance is pure gold in a market scattered with advertising messages.

To reach the target with your focused audience for who health and wellness are a preference, functional and affordable health promotional products like blender bottles, drink infusers, workout towels, exercise mats and breathable tote bags are available. Hand sanitizers and first aid kits can also be considered for distribution on a broader level such as event giveaways or trade shows to all the visitors to your stall. Marketers must understand: promotional products can render an incredible return on your advertising investment as compared to other types of marketing. Another reason to give importance to logoed products is their pass-along worth. More than 50% of clients admitted that they would gift an item which they are finished with instead of filing it away or throwing it out.

Companies and other industries corporate health fairs to market a healthy lifestyle, with an end target of delivering much better returns. These are made out of reduced absences, health care costs, enhanced productivity and low insurance premiums. To give you a kick start on your brand promotion initiative or for branded giveaways for your employees, here are some health promotional products which are ideal for the health and fitness industry;

  • Pill cutter and case: Pill cutter is easy to use if the physician has suggested the patient to take low potency or low dosage of medicine. This tool is vital to follow the advised dosage.
  • Medicine Bottle Opener: A medicine bottle opener can be time saving and helping, particularly for arthritis patients. It can assist the user in opening those wily medicine caps. Caregivers and home health providers would love to use this promotional product as giveaway item as they can utilize it for their job.
  • Back Scratcher: Backscratcher can be an ideal gift for your patients. If you scratch their back, you’ll have their loyalty in return.
  • Foaming Hand Sanitizer: Everybody likes hand sanitizer. It is best to use this every time, particularly for kids. Children are prone to diseases and germs. The habitual use of foaming hand sanitizer can reduce the chances of catching the fever and also kills the germs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a lifestyle change or an annual resolution, the goal should be to live a healthy life. You can throw the above-given health promotional products into your promotional event and make your brand off to a goodly start.