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Summer Camp Wristbands: Child Safety Promotional Item

  • Jan 20, 2020
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Summer Camp Wristbands: Child Safety Promotional Item

Summer camps are a huge business in America. They are helpful for working parents and a source of entertainment for children throughout the summer. Custom promotional products such as wrist bands are a great way to keep track of the child’s identity. Safety is paramount when dealing with child care at youth camps. Also, having to identify a child, their medical condition, or key details, is key to running a safe and efficient program. 

If you are running a camp doesn’t matter what size, wristbands are an expensive way to identify the troops at youth camps, Christian camps as well as summer camps. The wristband provides an easy way to keep tabs on who is under your wing. 
For easy understanding, let’s take a look at the ideas for running a successful and safe summer camp below: 

Small Camps (less than 10,000 people)

The summer camps or small that run for a shorter period of time, Vinyl Slap Bracelets are ideal. These are durable and can be worn for a few days.
Small Camps
These are particularly waterproof and can be printed with QR codes and sequential numbers to help inventory the wristbands. Also, these wristbands are low cost and available in many colors. Customize this item easily with your camp’s brand.

Large Summer Camps (10,000 + multi-day)

For medium to large summer camp, you’ll want to look at more advanced options such as cloth wristbands. The fabric bands are better for large events as they provide a wide variety of security features. Also, it can be worn securely for multiple days. Make sure to arrange bands that include a barcode for security purposes. These wristbands are comfortable to wear during week-long events and are available in adjustable plastic claps.
Large Summer Camps

Single-day School Trips or Family Vacations

For a family vacation, school trip, or short vacation, a basic wristband is perfect to use. A band such as Custom Tyvek Event Wristbands are low cost and can be pre-printed or made to write-on.
Single-day School Trips
A simple way to safeguard your little ones during a family trip is to write down the details such as parent’s contact numbers, allergies, and your hotel address. 
Furthermore, a plain silicone wristband can be useful for camps looking to differentiate between groups and teams of children. Don’t forget to imprint your logo over this product. 

Customization Ideas for Summer Camp Wristbands

Now, after deciding a wristband type, it’s time to get do smart work. While customizing the bands, make sure you choose the right colors. As different colors can help determine age groups, type of camp access. So, choose bold and different colors for your event.  
The next step is, clear and complete details – dates and child info is a must. 
Finally, promote your camp’s brand. After all, for kids, their wristband is more than their identities. It’s the reminder of their amazing time and can be the best way to other children and families hearing about your camp.

Experts Tip

  • For camps offering swimming or outings, it’s great if you categorize wristbands into swimming levels. By this, you can help keep children safe, ensuring they don’t go beyond their limits while under your care. 
  • For nighttime outside activities, using glow-in-dark wristbands add fun and security.
Wristband usage is less if we count as a purpose of child security. Keeping track of who is where and when. You can also hold key information about medical conditions and parent’s contact details. Also, for those offering food and drinks, allergy wristbands are a useful tool in safeguarding children with allergies or dietary requirements under your care.

Get in touch

For more information on how to benefit from the use of wristbands at your next summer camp, contact us and we’ll walk you through all of the options available. Also, for imprinting your camp logo, contact us today. Let us assist you by giving satisfactory consultancy.