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The Dos And Don’ts Of Corporate Gifting

  • Nov 04, 2019
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The Dos And Don’ts Of Corporate Gifting

Businesses around the world are always looking to impress their customers, clients, stakeholders, vendors, and employees alike. In the current market scenario, the exchange of personalized corporate gifts and promotional marketing products are considered as the smart business imperatives.

Without wasting a sec, let’s dive in…

Choose The Right Occasion

It is essential to keep the occasion in mind while selecting a gift for someone; otherwise, it may look as if you have an ulterior motive behind it. For instance, giving any gift while bidding on a particular deal might be considered as a bribe.

Because of this, festive periods, special events and birthdays are some of the best occasions to distribute gifts. This little gesture shows that your organization cares about its own people.

Be Creative

Coming up with great ideas can be exhausting, but you need to choose the perfect gift to hit the right spot. Take time as this is the best way to make a great impression and show your clients how creative you can get!

Instead of the standard promotional giveaways – calendars, pen, diary, etc -like everyone else, think of something out of the box. Invest a little time searching online and brainstorming with your team to filter down some excellent gifts for your star performers.

Make Sure The Gift Is Practical

Make sure your gift is something practical regardless of the recipient. The utility is one of the prime reasons why people will gratitude towards your company.

If it is not useful, then why anyone will keep such corporate gifts? And if they don’t value your gift, then what is the purpose of spending your time and money on finding them?

Consider gifting a personalized leather notebook, sleep mask, tote bag, earphones/headphones, hand sanitizer, coffee mug, etc.

Branding is Essential

In the process of selecting, ordering, and sending the gift, do remember to include your brand name. The original idea behind promotional giveaways is to increase your brand awareness.

Branding is Essential

Other than just putting the name and logo of a company; try some creative ideas to get your brand noticed every time the gift is used.

Be Culture-Sensitive

The world is bursting with diverse traditions, cultures, and religions. The art of giving gifts vary among various religions and cultures, so ask yourself the following questions while buying a gift for your client.

  • What type of gifts might be considered inappropriate or unlucky in some cultures?
  • Are there any cultural or religious boundaries for men giving gifts to women and vice versa?
  • What are the protocols of giving/receiving a gift?
  • What is the best time to give the gift? Before or after the meeting?
  • Is there any particular ritual when giving gifts?

Also, consider the fact that the receiver may or may not celebrate the same festival as you. To be on the safe side, instead of writing “Merry Christmas” write “Happy Holidays.”

Don’t Misspell The Names

Any guesswork while writing the name of your recipient can put you in a tight spot. Getting wrong names on the gift will set a false impression of you, and it will not solve the purpose of corporate gifting.

To show how much you care for your clients, customers and even employees, always remember to add accent marks if any. For example, Léo, Clairé, or Loûis.

Avoid Over-Budgeting

Even though your intentions for sending an expensive gift are clear, it may make the recipient feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Avoid Over-Budgeting

Avoid costly items such as silverware and antique jewelry in the corporate world. The expensive gifts may be seen as a bribe and have a negative outcome. Instead, set and stick to an appropriate budget.

Personalized business promotional products are the best way to stay away from lavish gift items that may put more financial burden on your brand.

Focus On Delivering Quality

Quality is one of the prime factors that you should consider while planning a corporate gift. Keep your focus on finding high-quality gifts that are considerate and appealing to recipients.

The quality of branded promotional products builds a sense of trust and credibility in the minds of the recipients. A cheap quality gift makes the gesture seem insincere.

Properly Wrapped Gifts

Increase the excitement of receiving a gift with an excellent presentation. Professional gift-wrapping shows how must value every step holds for you and your company.

A personal note in a gift-card can be the cherry on the cake.


Your business is nothing without your clients, customers and even employees, and it’s necessary to recognize their participation towards current growth. Boost your business success and express gratitude towards important stakeholders by offering corporate gifts.