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This is the Best Way to Reward Your Employee of the Year

  • Oct 15, 2019
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This is the Best Way to Reward Your Employee of the Year

What to Gift Your ‘Employee of the Year’ in 2019?

Keeping employees happy is as essential as satisfying your clients via quality services. In this scenario, organizations often appreciate performance by rewarding with the title of ‘employee of the year.’

As we are nearing to the end of 2019 and you are looking for some interesting ideas, this blog is just meant for you:

How to Make Your Employees Feel Valuable?

You never know, your employees might be expecting to have something different than a bonus or probably the best employee’s certificate. Keeping such aspects in mind, what could be better than gifting them a round trip to continental U.S and Canada?

Here are more details about it.

The American Airlines AAdvantage Program

Digitized Logos is a partner company with American Airlines® AAdvantage® Awards Program. Under this program, you can avail AWARD tickets to continental U.S and Canada on the bulk purchase of branded promotional products.

So, it’s all about buying your preferred personalized products and get American airlines reward miles for your star performers.

Want to know how? Check the below process.

How to Avail it?

There are two AAdvantage Rewards awards’ programs to earn airline miles, and those are-

Buy five promotional products to earn 25,000 AAdvantage miles-

When you place your first five orders for promotional products, you become eligible to receive 25,000 AAdvantage miles. It is enough to win you an AWARD round trip to continental U.S and Canada.

Get 2 AAdvantage miles on each dollar spent on promotional products-

Whenever you place an order for any promotional or customized product, you automatically earn 2 AAdvantage miles on each dollar spent on the order placed.So, whenever you are placing an order and spending your hard-earned money, remember, you are earning something valuable in return.

Why it’s a Smart Gift to Offer?

Availing this scheme is a win-o-win deal anyhow!

If you are looking to reward your senior executives with some creative promotional products, winning extra miles is a lucrative opportunity for your business.

Here, the more your purchase is, the more you are earning. And, this eventually makes it indeed a profitable deal to hop on.

Note- Digitized Logos is the only online platform to offer such loyalty reward schemes. Also, detailed information about the program and related leverages can be availed by dialing (301) 963-3553.

So, when are you earning your first-ever AWARD ticket to your favorite travel destination?

And as you do not have to pay anything for the tickets you are earning, it can be a smart way to reward some of the top performers of the year!