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Top 8 Technology Products That Are Perfect For Promotional Giveaways

  • Nov 01, 2019
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Top 8 Technology Products That Are Perfect For Promotional Giveaways

Promotional goods provide the best value if they are useful in daily life. In today’s technology-driven, digital era, giving away tech products to your employees, customers or other stakeholders is indeed an effective way to get proper brand recognition.

The primary purpose of promotional products is to increase brand awareness and exposure. So what are the evergreen tech gifts that you must keep in stock which are perfect for any occasion?

Let’s find out more …

Charge-It-Up Power Banks

Nowadays, mobile power banks are one of the most crucial technology gadgets. They are the ideal device that can charge smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Providing employees or clients with customized promotional power banks is a great way to show you care for them. No one says NO to a useful gift that lasts for long like a power bank.

Earlier, the prime use of power bank was to charge your mobile phone, but you can charge most of the electronics items such as:

  • MP3 players
  • Smart bands
  • Fitness bands
  • Headphones
  • Tablets
  • Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Multiple Port USB Hub

A multiple port USB hub can supply power to multiple devices, at once. Depending on its type and size a multi-port, USB hub features four to five high-speed USB ports.

Perfect for technology-related conventions, events, and trade shows. Encash its promotional power by customizing it with the logo and design of your company.

Custom USB Flash Drives

This 20-year-old technology still rules above all the electronics devices. The storage and transfer of valuable data is the main reason why it is one of the most influential promotional giveaway products.

You can store the USB with any data like photo, video, powerpoint, excel sheet, word document or any other relevant information. For example, a photographer can deliver the images via a USB flash drive with a company’s logo.

There are endless possibilities for you to customize your flash drive such as:

  • Wood USB flash drives
  • USB flash drive business cards
  • Capless flash drives
  • Custom-shaped flash drives

Bluetooth Speakers

In this digital world, Bluetooth technology is in almost all of our electronic gadgets, including computers, smartwatches, smartphones, speakers, headphones, and many others. It is a perfect gift for a music lover as these speakers are convenient and replace the need for pesky wires.

Our Bluetooth speaker will give your ad campaigns a melodic twist with unbelievable customization. Choose from a wide range of fully customizable shapes, sizes and types Bluetooth speaker under your budget.

Phone Cases with Battery Pack

A mobile charging phone case is one of the latest trends in promotional goods. We’ve already explained the uses of a power bank above, but this battery pack phone case is even more convenient.

You don’t have to carry around a power bank separately as this case is itself is a power bank. It is an ideal gift for every smartphone user and provides extra juice to the phone and protects your device.

Earbuds and Headphones

Everyone wants to listen to their music without any distractions. Our customized earbuds and headphones provide that smooth music experience while giving your brand a huge marketing boost.

When it comes to available branding space, headphones always have the upper hand, but you can advertise your logo on the carrying/charging case of an earbud.

Engraved laser pointer

A personalized engraved laser pointer is a practical gift that is ideal for anyone that needs to speak in public. Choose from a wide choice of beam color like red, blue, green, etc. that suits the recipients.

Most of the laser pointer comes with a user-friendly battery protection clip and convenient push buttons for smooth operation.

Customize your laser pointer and engrave the logo and design of your company. It is a perfect promotional giveaway for rewarding an individual employee on a Special day.

Microfiber Cleaners For Mobile Screen

Microfiber is a synthetic material that quickly absorbs water and dirt particles. To establish effective brand recognition, you can customize the microfiber cloth cleaners with the logo of your brand and distribute them among the audience.

They will remember your brand name by utilizing high-quality cleaning clothes in routine for removing dust from the mobile screen and home appliances.


Technology promotional giveaways are a great way to display your business to the existing and untapped market. Accessories such as phone chargers case, USB flash sticks, headphones, earbuds, or any of our other technical products, are versatile, helpful and budget-friendly options to maximize your brand’s exposure around.