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Using Promotional Gifts as Branding Tools

  • Dec 11, 2017
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Using Promotional Gifts as Branding Tools

Jeff Bezos the founder of the online sales platform, Amazon said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Your brand is the genuine totality of what you have to offer, how you offer what you have to offer, and the reason why you offer what you offer.

To stand head and shoulders above your competition, your brand has to showcase your excellent service and professionalism as it directly depicts your value to those who would require your services.

How do you set up the perfect brand then?

Your brand is not about selling your personality and your achievements but about the services you are willing to offer, the needs you are meeting, and the problems your services can solve. It is about the thing that makes you exceptional. What can you offer that others can’t? How can you offer it with quality? After getting the answers to these questions, you can proceed to following steps:

  • Seize any available opportunity: Success might not necessarily come from doing what you want but from doing what other people want. Discovering the needs existing in your immediate environment and proffering a solution to it is the first step in building your brand. Study the people around you. Find out what makes them tick, what they like to do, what makes them happy, what is currently being an obstacle to their happiness or satisfaction and come up with a way to remove that obstacle if possible. In the event that you find competition offering solutions to the same problem, don’t despair, look for a way to offer that solution better than the competition. When you’ve found a problem you can solve in a unique way, you’re ready to move to the next step.
  • Understand your potential customers: Your business is centered on the needs of your customers. It is, therefore, necessary to find out any and everything about them from what they do to where they live, their financial status, etc. After acquiring all the necessary standard demographic data, it is important to study your target audience (potential customers) to know their belief and value systems, understand their aspirations and the difficulties hampering them. To achieve this, it is expedient that you interact with them via all available platforms such as social media or the old-fashioned face-to-face talk by inviting them out for picnics, dinners, parties and the likes. When interacting with them, do well to find out what their interests are, what they like, what they dislike, if they would prefer quality or quantity and why. After acquiring all these data, identify what population set of your target audience is more likely to require and afford your services and focus on them.
  • Design your message: Your message should be able to tell your audience what you offer and what makes you stand out from others offering services similar to what you offer. Keeps your message exciting enough to attract the attention of your audience and straight to the point as they might not be patient enough to read an essay on the history of your company. Your message should summarize all that you do your values and how you achieve results simplistically and unforgettably that your audience can relate to.
  • Bring out your specialty: Play to your strengths. Are you the most experienced service provider in your locale or the most creative? Are you the best at treating customers well? Is your product the best? Whatever makes you stand out should be your selling point. Whatever it is you do better than your competition should be the first thing your target audience knows about you, and you must do well to tell them. Your ability to show what makes you exceptional is your key to outselling your competition. However, while trying to make a point to prove your uniqueness, ensure that you stay within the confines of the law.
  • Spell out your values: Your genuineness is what allows your customers to trust you, to interact with you and advertise your business to others. Being genuine entails having values that define your authenticity and staying true to it. Your values include your ethics. Values are communicated in simple things such as even your communication with others orally or in print. Your values could include ethical values such as being environmentally friendly or being tolerant towards inclinations and customs of your audience whether cultural, religious or sexual. Ensure that you stay consistent and true to your values in every one of your dealings and interactions with customers. Practice what you preach. Being found doing something different from what you profess could mar your brand.

The role of business gifts or promotional gifts in building a brand

Seize the opportunity to place your brand before every potential customer. It helps keep you on their minds and remind them about your services. The kind of gifts to build your brand should be:

  • Used continuously: Repetition of an action best creates a memory. The best way to keep your brand in the mind of your customers is to provide them with promotional gift items that they will use again and again. With your logo on such an item, it is easy for the user of the business gift to remember what organization provided the gift and the kind of service they offer. Coffee mugs or ballpoint pens are items that are used continually and are good ideas for promotional gifts.
  • Tangible: your promotional gifts should be tangible gifts your customers can handle at any time and interact with. Business promotional gifts such as key chains, notepads, and jotters with your brand logo on them afford people the opportunity to interact with your brand indirectly whenever they make use of such promotional gift items
  • Easy to remember: Your customers should be able to connect and relate to your promotional gift items. These gift items carrying your brand can do a lot for your business especially when they are items that can be easily remembered.

Giving out branded promotional gifts to your customers shows that you care about them. We at Digitized Logos are capable of providing you with promotional gift items that are sure to help your brand. If you are thinking of Using Promotional Gifts as Branding Tools visit us today and select from our range of business promotional gift items for every budget.