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EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY! Large company or small, an individual or a group, green sustainable choices benefits us, our companies and our planet. Caring more about the environment engages everyone’s creativity and ‘going green’ energizes us to be better purposeful consumers impacting the world in our backyards first. is proud to present a great selection of environmentally friendly promotional products. Our green product collection of over 500 items features recycled, biodegradable and organic items as well as hand-powered electronics. If you are searching for ways to impact green sustainability with your own efforts, you have come to the right place!

Some Featured products for Earth Day 2016:

  • Solar Charged pens
  • Earth day cotton t-shirts
  • Earth day or company logo water bottles
  • Recycled Binders & Folders
  • Eco Friendly USB Drives
  • Earth day Logo on a eco friendly tote bags

Browse our catalog to see our selection of green sustainable products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, your representative can find the right Eco-Friendly product to fit your needs.

Testimonials from Our Eco Friendly Customers

Mohammed Ashraf, EPA

“We use the 100% Recycled Tote Bags as a part of our eco-friendly product range made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

This has been a successful product within EPA employees as we get a lot of orders for this product. This is a commonly used item and it reminds us of our small part in keeping watch over the environment. We can have our logo imprinted on it making it a very cost effective promotional product”.

Kathy Jones, Marriott Hotels and Resorts

“We at this Marriott property use the Biodegradable BPA Free Sport Bottle with our logo on it. The idea came in when we first realized the need for Sports bottles. I decided to make it Eco-Friendly so that we could do our part to the Environment and make sure that everyone who uses it is also aware of why these bottles are so special and how they are contributing to everyone’s cause. This triggered a chain of people buying these bottles for their customers and employees”.

Jason Mathew, The Westin Hotels & Resorts

“Ecological issues are more significant to US businesses than ever before. A lot of companies have drawn strict eco-friendly strategies to work by. According to me, the most well-liked and preferred eco-friendly business gift is a promotional pen. Eco-friendly pens are very well-liked since they are very easy to hand out as well as very useful”.

Karen Burge, Meeting Planner

“I use the recycled eco-friendly portfolio which has a lot of room so I can take my supplies with me. It’s made from 51% recycled fabric and it’s my way of sending the message to use recyclables”.

Mohammed Ashraf, EPA EERA

“The Employee Association is offering a new 2011 EPA Earth Day Shirt.

It is a white shirt made from 50% recycled soda bottles and 50% cotton.

It has a big colorful 2011 Earth Day design on the back and a dark navy EPA logo on the front left chest. We want to start early to increase awareness of Earth Day so it really changes our daily choices”.


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