Government Agency Stores Domain Transition

Dear Customer,

Digitized Logos started with its EPA and USAID government stores in 2014 under the domain name In 2017, we added 20 new stores, including Department of Labor, DHS, FEMA, ICE Coast Guard MWR stores among others. A full list of our government agency stores is available here.

Due to quick expansion of our government agency stores and that we’ll soon be adding some other additional stores, Digitized Logos is proud to announce that all our government agency stores have been migrated to our main domain for a better online experience, convenience and accessibility.

The transition to the new domain won’t affect any of our customers’ experiences, all account credentials are still the same and secure. We’ve just have moved these stores to our main domain and added a fresh and new design to your existing stores.

List of Concerned Government Agency Stores:

  1. EPA –
  2. USAID –
  3. US Army MWR –
  4. US Air Force –
  5. US Commerce –
  6. US National Guard –
  7. US Department of Labor –
  8. US Border Patrol –
  9. US Coast Guard MWR –
  10. US Drug Enforcement Administration –
  11. US Department of Energy –
  12. US Department of Interior –
  13. US Department of Homeland Security –
  14. US Department of Defense –
  15. FEMA –
  16. US Navy MWR –
  17. US Secret Service –
  18. US Department of State –
  19. US Transportation Security Administration –
  20. USDA –
  21. US Citizenship and Immigration Services –
  22. US Customs & Border Protection –

Digitized Logos has made this transition as smooth as possible and present its apologies for any inconveniences. Should you have any question or inquiry about this transition, please feel free to call us on (301) 963-3553 or send us an email at info [at]