Key Safety Certifications For Power Banks key safety certifications for power banks - Key Safety Certifications For Power Banks

With more people than ever using smartphones and digital tablets, there’s strong demand for safe, high-quality accessories to keep them powered up. Specifically, there are three certifications that many promotional products customers are looking for – MFi, UL and ETL.

Here’s a quick look at each.

  • MFi, or Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod, is a licensing program created by Apple that allows third-party developers to manufacture hardware approved for use with iPods, iPads and iPhones. When a product carries this special certification, you know it can be trusted to work with your Apple device.
  • UL is a global independent safety-science company, and its logo is universally recognized as a symbol of quality. Products that are UL Listed have been tested and verified as meeting that company’s published standards for safety.
  • The ETL Listed Mark is issued by Intertek, another independent safety-testing company. Similar to UL Listing, the ETL Listed Mark is proof that a product has been tested and is in compliance with globally recognized safety standards.

Ultimately, though, these symbols all mean the same thing to your customers – confidence. That’s why we continue to introduce products bearing the MFi, UL and ETL symbols. Our new UL Certified Amp Charger packs a lot of power with a 2,200 mAh battery, while our MFi Certified Lightning Cable is a great companion piece to any charger, because it ensures the charger can be connected to an iPhone or iPad.

When your customers are looking for products with third-party quality certification, you can look to PCNA.

Special Offer Note: Take advantage of our special holiday offer, get both the UL Certified Amp Charger and the MFi Certified Lightning Cable with 10% discount and up to 20.6% more discount on volume purchase!


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