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There is good news for every government employee out there. As you might be aware of the new website called the www.EmployeeStore.org that was launched last year on the 5th of July, where the website started with just a few sub-stores for the government organizations like the EPA, USAID and US Commerce.

Well, the store now has sub-stores for the other government organizations that has been approved and has been made official on the website as well. The list of the new sub-stores have been shared below:

Moving to the main point of why this website began, so that you get a clearer idea of the reason these sub-stores are a great reason to exist.

Well, the website was developed to serve the government employees and the commercial vendors with value-based benefits. And now you are going to ask what benefits, since a person who works for the government already gets enough from working with them. And that is where you are not expanding your idea! It is not for your daily needs, but it is more like a place where you can get promotional products that are created with the brand of the Government organization printed on the item.

That is, you get the opportunity to buy the single branded item from a huge selection, which was never an easy thing in the past. For instance, you can get:

All you would need to do is select the agency logo from the “Our Stores” or the “Other Stores” heading to get the items available under it. Moreover, the website store also offers many payment options along with great discount deals like movie tickets, etc. So, now with the larger number of government agency sub-stores on the website, you can get promotional products for them too.


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