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Earn 1 Mile per Dollar Spent – No limit!

Earn 1 Mile per Dollar Spent – No limit!

Digitized Logos is the ONLY company to provide a loyalty program second to none where customers Earn 1 Mile Per Dollar Spent. At first, we had introduced this offer with only one Airline – American Airlines® AAdvantage®. But, it became so popular among our customers that we went out our way to add one more major Airline to our loyalty program. As of date, we are the ONLY Promotional Products company to offer Southwest® Rapid Rewards® and American Airlines® AAdvantage Miles®.

Whether your need is to fly a speaker for a conference or to take a trip to visit a client or long overdue vacation to Hawaii, we’ve got you covered. Whenever our customers order Promotional Products, they earn 2 Miles per dollar spent (excluding set-up and taxes) – Miles with American Airlines AAdvantage or Southwest Rapid Rewards!

Digitized Logos lets you earn Airline Miles without setting a foot on an airplane. One can earn miles just by making a few clicks all the while purchasing promotional products to increase brand awareness. Our main objective is to show our customers that they always win with us; and, whatever the order amount is, there is always a reward to show our appreciation. We are proud to say it, Digitized Logos is the ONLY promotional products company that gives its customers such reward, so, why wait? Just order your favorite promotional products today and start earning airline miles!

How to claim your miles?

Very simple! When placing your order, just select your preferred airline (either American Airlines or Southwest Airlines) and enter your frequent flyer's number and that's it!

Want More Miles?

Digitized Logos also offers 25,000 Airline Miles (5,000 miles per order) - More Info -->