**Supply-chain disruptions due to COVID-19 has caused some shortages on apparel side as well. If the product or color you ordered is not available, we will notify you immediately and offer substitute.
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Digitized Logos Presentation System

Welcome to Digitized Logos’ New Presentation System where you will save a lot of time and look like a hero in front of your colleagues and bosses!

From thousands of Promotional Promotional Products and Apparel, now you will be able to show all your favorite selected items in one place. Here is how it works:

  1. Tag your favorite Promotional Products and/or Apparel. Example: https://www.digitizedlogos.com/media/screenshot/presentation-tagging.png
  2. Go to your Presentation area (https://www.digitizedlogos.com/presentation) and generate your Presentation with only a few clicks!
  3. Save, Print or Email the Presentation.

We hope you find our new Promotional Products and Apparel Presentation system a time saver!

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