**Supply-chain disruptions due to COVID-19 has caused some shortages on apparel side as well. If the product or color you ordered is not available, we will notify you immediately and offer substitute.
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Dye Sublimation

Digitized Logos is now offering COMPLETE custom apparel! Any design you can think of, we can deliver! Using a process called dye-sublimation, we are able to print any designs in any color. So no matter what your logo, pattern, illustration, or even photo is, we can display it on your apparel. Let your customers know who you are and what you are about with this custom apparel by Digitized Logos. Plus, earn airline miles while you do it!


Just open the selected apparel, click on any available color (even if only 1 color is available) then available size(s) will show up. 

Just select the store from our "Select Store" menu and select the Dye Sublimation from the menu. Once you are on the store, browse for the required products within their respective categories, add selected items to your cart and proceed with checkout.