Using Promotional Gifts in Business promotional gifts - Using Promotional Gifts in Business

Do you know that promotional gifts if harnessed properly into the appropriate channel, tends to affect an exponential outcome on your customer base and return on investments? Moreover, it is expedient to ask, with the revolutionized digital marketing strategic apparatus predominantly trending; is promotional gifts still relevant as a means of being used as marketing tools?

Numerous promotional products can be employed by an organization to serve as promotional gifts; these are Golf shirts, Denim shirts, outer wear, headwear, T-shirts, pens, clocks, planners, calendars, badges; the list is just numerous. It is expedient to note that before a business entity source for promotional gifts to distribute to its various customers and employees, it must, first of all, have an analytical study or survey of each of these different promotional products. This is to ascertain which will be widely appreciated by its customers and employees, and that will frequently be utilized to effect the initially planned aim of being used as marketing tools to the larger populace. For the more often, the clients use your promotional gifts with your business insignia and logo on it, the more frequently that customer is accustomed to talking about it with friends and family thus invariably marketing your organization. This type of business marketing has the most realistic outcome than media houses and Bill boards and cost effective as well.

How enterprises can use Promotional Gifts as a marketing tool within an organization to promote business branding?

According to a 2014 survey by BPMA, Promotional Gifts as a marketing tool has the most effective influence of advertising, and also in determining the chances of a customer or organization coming back to the same business atmosphere where such gifts were given. Here are few suggestive tips on how businesses can use promotional gifts as a tool for promoting their brand name:

  • On customers: Enterprises can use well structured and personal appealing promotional gifts given to customers as a way of appreciating them for been loyal and sticking with them through the good and troubling times to enhance brands promotion. In this regard, if such customer is a business entity, the gifts are mostly glaring on their office desks, walls or if it is a T-shirt worn on a regular basis, which is a good way to market a business brand. But finding that promotional gifts that suit the lifestyle of the client can be a daunting task. In the BPMA 2014 promotional gifts brand awareness survey, about 69 percent of the survey respondent prefers mug as promotional gifts. But practically, the kind of promotional products mostly preferred has a lot to do with its perceived market price, and no one would be accustomed to bragging about a gift that is worthless from a company. This is where the services of a trusted service providing promotional product company are solicited. Digitized Logos is a world known promotional product service provider and has been in the business since 1998. Digitized Logos has a myriad of incentives for you when you come around to do business with them.
  • On Employees: The use of promotional gifts that are embedded with the insignia and Logos of business as working tools like pen, wrist watches, badges, and planners plays a sub conscious advertising. Most business executives have no idea of its tremendous positive aftermath effect on a walk- with customers or in the community of its employees. Promotional gifts can be used by enterprises to evaluate the performances and can be used as an award for an employee who has carried out his/her onus exceptionally excellent.The icing on the cake besides this mere gesture of promotional gifts awards being able to spur healthy competitive rivalry between employees; which invariably entails productivity. It is an absolute marketing tool with tremendous results. Therefore, it is a win for your business and your employees.

The tactics of employing promotional gifts on employees and customers as marketing tools to promote your business brands is a proven and an effective marketing strategy. But for this marketing strategy to be efficient and effective, you must adhere to these guidelines before choosing promotional products:

  • Structured designs: A promotional gift that is not well designed and humor appealing is as good as being dead on arrival. Individuals are keen to make use of items that are perfectly suited to their taste. It is pertinent that when choosing a promotional product, it should have an eccentric appearance especially when it comes to corporate apparels like headwear, outer wears, T-shirts, and with my knowledge of the activities of Digitized Logos, providing for appealing corporate designs is an art that they are known for.
  • Avail to a particular need: No one wants to keep using an item that is of no benefits to them, so it is advisable when exploring promotional gifts to disseminate to corporate customers and employees. It is expedient to engage useful items that can be used for longer periods, which invariably means your brands been more exposed to the larger prospective populace.
  • Standard Quality: The quality of promotional gifts has a huge effect on its preferred usage by the customer or employee. If your promotional products are cheap looking and are of low quality, it is easily thrown to the waste bin.
  • Educative: Disseminating promotional gifts that are banal and lackluster in the purvey of information about the business cannot serve the initial purpose of being used as a marketing tool. It is always crucial to take cognizance of every nuance or smidgen details when picking a promotional gift. Promotional gifts are businesses folklores, and the story should be conveyed accurately; for it tells a lot about your administrative and managerial prowess.

Benefits of using promotional Gifts in Business

  • Customers made marketers: Promotional gifts make customers your business marketers, and it is a way of marketing with no marketing cost attached. Customers help you to promote your brand in a more much-sophisticated ways and in terrains that your business marketing strategy wouldn’t be able to reach.
  • Cost Effective: Promotional gifts marketing tactics have been proven to be a much more cost effective way of brands promotion.
  • Increased sales margin: Promotional gifts works better than using discount in pursuance of an increase in sales margin, which invariably entails more profit for your business.
  • Advertising: According to research carried out by BPMA on the effect of promotional gifts vs. media houses, it was proven that promotional gifts as an advert placement yield more return on investment than media houses, billboards, and radio stations.

Statistical Reports on the success of using promotional gifts as marketing tools by businesses

Deducing from the survey carried out by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, which 1200 respondents were engaged, and they were asked some questions like:

  • How they use the promotional gifts?
  • Items preferably used in office desk?
  • Effect of promotional gifts on advertising?

The BPMA is known for conducting regular surveys on the use of promotional gifts as a potent medium of marketing by business enterprises. Its findings show a much more proper representation of the importance of promotional gifts to businesses.

According to the 2014 British promotional merchandise association analytical results, about five items were mostly found on their office desks, and these promotional gifts are as follows according to the scale of preference:

Also, the survey succeeded in proffering reasons on how effective it is in using promotional gifts as a technique in advertising and creating more brand awareness. It was discovered that;

  • About 96% of the respondent agreed that branded promotional gifts of business spur up business brand awareness
  • Also, 83% of those engaged in the survey, were able to mention the name of the business on the promotional gift items.
  • Favorably, about 73% of the respondents tend going back to the business outlet and make another purchase.
  • And 73% are glued to keeping the promotional gifts that they received.

Also, according to the research carried out by the Advertising Specialty Institute on cost analysis of promotional products versus other advertising media, using the results from the USA analytical findings; it was also discovered that 56% of promotional gifts were mainly writing materials. 48% percent are branded business shirts, bags account for 34% percent, and calendars, office accessories drink wares, caps, USB drivers health and safety products, outer wears are 25%, 22%, 25%, 25%, 10%, 12%, and 9% respectively. It is good to note that this report findings differ in countries and regions.

Finally, it is pertinent that every business executives or business owners take into consideration the fact that promotional gifts have a lot of overly positive impacts to the survival and profit making of an organization. The choices of choosing a promotional product must be first of all analyzed taking cognizance of the age of the customers, regions, and gender. According to the ASI reports, promotional gifts like bags are mostly appreciated by the female folks, and if given to their male counterparts, it might end up in the trash bins. Digitized Logos saves you from the hurdles of having to make such analysis by doing your perceived customer base analysis and supplying you with a much more appreciated and structured corporate apparels.

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