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Customer Loyalty Through Promotional Gifts

  • Nov 05, 2017
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Customer Loyalty Through Promotional Gifts

Do you have products or offer some kind of services?

In every line of business, customers are a priority. We sell products to satisfy our customers. The services we offer are to help ease their lives in one way or the other.

If you started a business today and it doesn’t need to serve anyone, it would die out sooner rather than later.

Yes, bookshops do not make as much money as back in the day when books were the only form of entertainment. Then, even if you couldn’t afford to buy, you would at least visit the bookshops to browse through their selections and save up for one. People will come in because you have something they want.

It doesn’t matter how many fashion designers crop up today; there is more than enough market for them all. Fashion is a way of life. Those who can afford it and those who can’t all strive to get the best. It is either they are merely keeping up appearances, or they indeed live that life; it matters little as long as they have been able to satisfy their need for the most fashionable items of clothing.

Putting on clothes has moved on from the need to cover up to the need to look good. You dress up to attract attention or to dissuade it. They give you the classy touch you so desperately wish for, confidence is also something we seek for from our fashion style and choice.

Fashion is a lifestyle, addiction, and it sells. So every day, new fashion designers appear on the scene. New clothing stores, and of course the older stores and designers step up their game. Everyone needs to attract customers to make money.

The internet is also high on the list of trending commodities. With the passage of time and development, we have gradually moved from the conventional form of about everything to the online version.

For example, you are reading this article on the internet when you would have had to come into the shop to get all these details.

Except on very rare occasions, you would probably not send a fax to a friend because you have the internet and could send electronic mail. To do this you need a medium, so people have come up and opened online “post offices”, and you are allowed as many boxes as you would like. You can send your letters, images, videos or even audio messages to people around the world in a matter of seconds. So you have Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, all vying for the same customers.

Even the fashion designers and clothing stores have moved their stores to the internet. Rather than leave home to shop; you could stay in bed and do that, best part they bring to you at home. Even if you didn’t want to buy, they have found a way to shove the items in your face, so you do have to buy.

Even those bringing the products to you at home are making money from the internet.

Then, we go on to newspapers. Yes, they are still in production, and they do get bought but what is the percentage? The conventional papers have also moved to the internet; online papers are the norm. Despite moving their platform to a medium that provides more viewership, they still have high competition. Maybe, even more, competition than they had in the conventional setting. A local paper would only compete with other local papers for the attention of the citizens of a given region. But with the internet, you have the world as your possible client. This provides wider viewership; you, however, also have millions of media outfits to compete for the same audience.

I could go on and on. I am simply trying to draw your attention to the fact that your customers are your most prized assets as a business owner. There are so many people trying to take them from you but you have to keep them, or at worse share them.

You are a client to someone even as a business person, so what would you like to receive as treatment or appreciation from a company you patronize?

Customer Loyalty Through Promotional Gifts is something every business owner wants. And it is easy to get. The question is this, how do you treat your clients?

Some businesses put more into customer service and customer relations which is great because at the point of sale a customer needs to be treated with utmost care and respect. They are very sensitive to your actions and reactions to what they say. But you are running a business, and you need them to come back, you have no choice but to treat them with all the kid gloves you can lay hands on.

Beyond customer service and customer relations, you could go a step further to retain your clients. People love gifts, I mean, don’t you? Especially when you always buy something from someone, it just makes you happy when they give you something for free.

Your customers need to know through your actions that you appreciate them and their patronage. They give you so much of their money and once in a while if you gave them a gift, that wouldn’t be so bad. They would never forget, and guess what? They will help you with free advertisement. People they know will definitely hear what you need. If someone needs a product or service you offer, they are sure to refer them to you. These are things they might ordinarily do if they like your services but the extra regard you show them will increase their efforts significantly.

Your customers know your name, do you know theirs? Do you know the feeling when a store owner calls you by name despite having numerous clients? It tells you that you are of importance to him.

So beyond giving gifts, what we propose and offer at Digitized Logos are customized gifts. This is sure to win your customers over on a more permanent basis.

Gifts are special but customized gifts are more highly cherished because of the extra thought put into them.

We are professionals with years of experience in branding. Our gift ideas are always unique depending on your kind of business and of course affordable. Contact us for further information on the services we offer; we would be happy to help you out. Thank you for reading Customer Loyalty Through Promotional Gifts.