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The Ultimate Guide to Environmental Friendly Promotional Products

  • Jan 08, 2020
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The Ultimate Guide to Environmental Friendly Promotional Products

Due to the pressure of climate change, there is a major shift happening across the world. People have started using eco-friendly items. So, it’s time to grab this opportunity and expand your brand name by imprinting it on these eco-friendly promotional products. By doing this, your brand name will be known to a huge audience with a social message of using green products. Thus, reduce the waste and let your business expand with environmental friendly promotional products.

To make things easier, here is a simple guide to help you find the perfect eco-friendly products.

Make Notes on Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebook

Although everything is digital, sometimes it is good to keep paper and pen along. An Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebook & Pen is a great idea to choose from. This can be one of the best promotional products for those who love to write.
Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebook

Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw with Cleaning Brush

Eco-friendly products promotion will not only support the “Skip the straw” movement that was sparked to save sea creatures but also will give exposure to your brand. For this, Stainless Steel Straw with Cleaning Brush is good to go with the imprinted logo of your company.
This straw is an alternative to plastic straws. This straw comes in a thin case and a cleaning brush that works effectively.
Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw

Eco-Friendly Recycled Cardboard Clicker Pen w/ Bamboo Clip

What’s better than a pen made of bamboo with your company’s logo. This is one of the cost-effective promotional items as well as a good corporate giveaway. Show appreciation to the customers and the earth by choosing Eco-Friendly Recycled Pen with Bamboo Clip.
Eco-Friendly Recycled Cardboard Clicker Pen

Bamboo Coaster

Selecting the right products for a promo giveaway is necessary. For instance, picking daily use products is an amazing idea for the purpose of branding as well as a gesture for personal care towards your customers. For this, Bamboo Coaster is one of the products that would spread an eco-friendly message, also, people will remember your company’s’ name when they use this coaster on their daily basis.
Bamboo Coaster

Eco-Friendly Shopper Tote Bag

The best replacement for plastic bags is tote bags that are usually provided at the grocery stores. Furthermore, tote bags are being encouraged by the government to avoid plastic bags. Non-Woven Two-Tone Shopper Tote Bag, made of 80 Gram non-woven, coated water-resistant polypropylene. It’s a good step for brand visibility when your clients will go for groceries every week.
Eco-Friendly Shopper Tote Bag

Is Your Company Making an Eco-Friendly Effort for Brand Promotion?

It is seen that many organizations are promoting to go green by using eco-friendly promotional products. It’s your turn now and make a move towards green marketing and reinforce your brand. Contribute a small effort by using environmentally friendly items and encourage your customers as well.