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Event Planners Promotional Products

  • Sep 24, 2017
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Event Planners Promotional Products

Many of you who plan or coordinate meetings and events, should it be corporate or personal; will agree that one needs to be mindful and meticulous in their preparation leading up to the main event. To make sure things go according to your plans, attention to tiny details and preparedness of any synopsis is paramount. There are ever changing variables in this equation that requires swift action to be taken, which will eventually define how organized you really were in the first place. Not to mention you having work against the clock all the time! Digitized Logos have been working with meeting and event planners from all parts of the country since 1998. Many of them have years of industry experience behind them organizing and planning meetings or events ranging anywhere from corporate conferences meetings, tradeshows, company launches, grand openings, business anniversaries, new branch office, school or community, corporate branding, employee incentive parties, company trips/ achievement awards, sales meetings, customer appreciation, weddings, family reunions, announcing birth of new child, baby showers. The list goes on and on.

We asked meeting and event planners what is that one thing that would make their job easier? and what advice would they’d give to the people who are starting new in the industry? They answered better organization and preparedness will make their job easier, if they just expect the unexpected! Gave the same advice to the all newb in the industry. One peculiar example they gave which we would like to share was of flight cancellations and re-routings due to weather. Travelers would need to be re-routed through a different airline or sometimes even into a new airport in a different state! These travelers would often arrive without luggage, which was usually waiting for them at a different airport or delayed for one reason or another. Not everyone has properly prepared for such inconveniences.

If these guests are your client’s prospective customers or guests and attendees of their events, you would need to take care of their needs. What would you do if a keynote speaker of a major conference that you oversee landed at an airport without his suitcase? You can’t plan for this type of drama! But at the same time, one needs to expect the unexpected and act upon it to make the situation better. For example, you would try to look for any promotional products that you happen to use as corporate business gifts or giveaways at the conference to improve the situation making the attendee or guest and in this case keynote speaker comfortable or ready to go like water bottles, mints, granola bars, travel kit, pens, deodorant, sunscreen, hand sanitizers, tissues, smart phone charger, stress relievers, snacks, batteries, umbrella, shirts etc. remembering how you saved the day for them. By now we must agree that planning for these events and meetings are uphill tasks that requires, out of the box thinking. You are constantly thrown in situations where things will go wrong! one can eliminate much of the frustration and stress by being as organized as possible prior to an event.

Promotional products are most popular giveaway gifts used by meeting and event planners for clients branding needs. In business world, it acts as a coefficient between networking and branding. It is given to the recipient as token of appreciation to remember them by. It probably wouldn’t surprise many to learn that the branded pen is the most relied upon business gift in the corporate world. Alike pens, many of the promotional products have practical implications and can be used in everyday lives. Therefore, they can be used as gifts to anyone should they be customers, clients, partners, employees, friends or family. Promotional products are perfect for any occasion and that is why are preferred choice of event and meeting planners. These are ideal for tradeshow giveaways, conference giveaways, corporate events, corporate branding, executive gifts, holiday giveaways, employee achievement gifts, employee rewards, marketing campaigns, employee training, client thankyou gifts, loyalty gifts, Christmas gifts, thanksgiving gifts, new year’s gifts and so forth. When it comes to giving promo items as a giveaways and gifts, it’s important to keep them simple and conventional. At the same time, simple and conventional can still break the mold and become more creative and artistic. You should be looking for promo items that you can customize with the logo of company, business, event, cause or something symbolic overreaching your purpose. Balance the purpose with originality and taste.

Event planners promotional products are available on our exclusive page will help you with any business or personal event that are forthcoming. Event planners promotional products page you can choose form hundreds of unique promotional giveaways. Whether you want to wow your attendees with a top-quality custom gift or hand out a simple, budget-friendly token with your business name and contact on it, we’ve got you covered and got it all. Badge Holders, Tote, Lanyards, Pens, Flash Drives, Mugs, Flashlights, Notebooks, Wristbands, Clippers, Backpacks, Padfolio, Lip Balm, Mouse Pads, Keyrings, Watches, Calendars, Business Card Holders, Power Banks, Plaques, Zippered Pouch, Candy, Balls, Frames and so much more.

If you are a Meeting and Event Planner looking for a specific promotional product, you may search our Product Catalog that provides you access to millions of promotional products options within specific categories, Should you require additional assistance in finding the right promotional products, please contact us anytime using either our live chat (available from 9:00am to 5:30pm EST from Monday to Friday); call us on (301) 963-3553 or simply use our contact form to send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.