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Using Corporate Gifts to Build Relationships

  • Dec 04, 2017
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Feeling appreciated is an essential human need. People never forget when appreciation is shown. Showing appreciation is like watering a plant; it helps it flourish and blossom. One of the best ways of showing appreciation is by giving gifts, hence the practice of corporate gifting which helps in strengthening business ties and bonds.

What is a corporate gift?

This is a type of gift given by a company to their customers, employees, investors and even the community they operate in. Corporate gifts are a company’s way of showing appreciation for customers support and patronage, Employees hard work and exceptional services. It is also an expression of civic responsibility to local charities and communities.

Qualities of a great corporate gift

Good relationships are essential to the success of the business; relationships with customers, investors, employees, and communities in which the company is located. Giving gifts to customers shows they are appreciated and fosters good customer relations. Corporate gifts can also be used as a form of advertisement. Customers will be reminded of the company of using or seeing the company’s gift. It also attracts new customers, as everybody wants to be gifted once in a while. Giving gifts to employees shows them you value their hard work and this boost morale to doing better.

Corporate gifts could include; products discounts, gift items such as branded calendars, pens, alarm clocks, coffee mugs, desk accessories, etc. It could also include tickets for shows, paid vacations, cash giveaway, salary bonuses and so forth. Common corporate gift items include t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers, pens, etc. These are the inexpensive gifts. Expensive gifts include cars, electronic items like phones, designer perfumes, wristwatches, and handbags. Others include employees retreat, vacations, holiday parties, awareness schemes, community service, etc.

Corporate gifts signify gratitude for relationships existing between companies and their customers, investors, and employees. It is an incentive to increase business benefits and strengthen relationships. Investing in customer satisfaction is an investment that always pays off. Corporate gifts should not be necessarily expensive so that you don’t go running losses while chasing profit. With the number of gifts and promotional items being given out to customers, how do you make your gifts stand out from the gifts of your competition? Here are some necessary qualities your gifts should have to keep you above your competition:

  • They should reflect brand value: A good or great corporate gift should reflect brand value. Corporate gift is most times customized or personalized with a company logo or brand identity. This depicts appreciation as well as the business relationship. Quality is considered as it leaves a positive and unforgettable impression on the recipients. The recipient’s desires and needs are also under consideration because this determines the value and usefulness of the gift. A great corporate gift should be valuable to the recipient because a poorly conceived gift, without careful thought of gift importance, will leave a negative impression on the recipients.
  • They should be really useful: Yes, handing out ballpoint pens with your company logo crested on it is a good idea but the question is, are you the only one providing pens to your clients? Don’t add to the ever-increasing pile of pens that your client will lose eventually. Instead, why not provide your client with a bag where all those pens could fit? Customers that work in areas that are not well lit would appreciate a gift of a flashlight.
  • They should be exciting: Giving out fun gifts to clients is an excellent way to stay on their minds as some gifts could get really boring after a while. While you must endeavor to remain professional, adding a bit of spice wouldn’t hurt a fly. A gift that puts a smile on the lip of a customer or client or makes them laugh goes a long way in creating long-term relationships and creates a lingering memory in their minds. Of all the corporate gifts you could give to build lasting relationships and ensure that your customers call back for your services frequently, the gift that helps cement and furthers your relationship with them is always the most effective.
  • Some gifts could be gestures: Taking a client who likes sports out to a game of his favorite team is a step in the right direction to fostering a solid relationship with that client. Not all gifts have to be tangible items. Taking out couples to dinners or concerts or picnics can never backfire whether you talk about your business during those outings or not. Do they have kids? Organizing soccer games is a nice way to socialize with your clients to get to know them.
  • They should be helpful: Give out gifts that simplify things for your clients. Any gift to make their life or job easier or more comfortable is a better one. Find out what your clients do for a living and give them an informational resource that could take a load off their shoulders. A magazine with new trends in fashion could be helpful to clients that are fashion designers. This sort of gesture is definitely bound to give your business the appreciation it needs while building strong relationships with your customers.
  • They should be cheap: Always remember that business aims to make a profit. You don’t have to go all out on your company’s finances to build relationships with your customers. Sometimes the gesture behind the gift and its thoughtfulness is always what creates a lasting impression on the mind of your customers.
  • They should convey meaning: Your gifts should carry affect the life of your client meaningfully. Finding out specific details and customizing your gifts to suit them could be a plus to your efforts in building relationships with them.
  • They should be sensitive: Take note of some peculiarities in your clients and tread accordingly. Sending a non-Jewish family happy Hanukkah is not very witty neither does wishing Muslims a happy Easter shows much tact.

If the corporate gifts you are offering to your clients lack these qualities, you might need to go back and reconsider your options. Contacting professional promotional gift items company like Digitized Logos to help you would be very helpful in selecting thoughtful gifts.